Win an Artist Proof Ren from HMO!

Enter for your chance to win a beautiful 1/4 scale Ren statue from HMO Collectibles!  This is the first statue in HMO’s original Bounties of Bathos line and has long been sold out.  But wait, this is not just any Ren statue, this is a RARE Artist Proof edition!  If you missed out on this […]

Figurama: Hunter x Hunter Update

At this past Wonder Festival, Figurama Collectors revealed their latest license acquisition, Hunter x Hunter.  But, all has been quiet on that front since then…until now!  Today we get our first teaser image from this exciting license.  I can tell you that Figurama will put forth a strong effort for this license.  When chatting with […]

Venom Trailer First Thoughts

Well, the teaser trailer came out recently and did not show us much.  However, yesterday, shortly after an image “leaked” and ran rampant across social media, we got the full first trailer for Sony’s upcoming take on godfather of symbiotes, Venom.  Let’s break it down: Mysterious crash site, presumably an alien ship or an earth […]

Deadpool 2 Final Trailer!

OH YES!  It’s here, the final trailer for Deadpool 2, which releases on May 18th (tickets on sale now)! Let’s break this down: Yes, epic stinger sound effects! Helicopter flying to some remote mountainous lakefront location…where could it be? “Watch out for Cable!”…cue scenes of Cable kicking ass! Mama Said Knock You Out soundtrack!  Some […]

Gentle Giant: April Pre-Orders

Some awesome new things coming from Gentle Giant in their latest newsletter.  Here are their latest items up for order: Venom Animated Statue The 17th, yes, 17th entry into the Marvel Animated line is Venom!  Very cool concept here that fits with the tone of the other pieces.  I recently received the Daredevil animated statue, […]

Sideshow: Daredevil Pre-Order

Sideshow’s new Daredevil Premium Format Figure is up for pre-order now! Here is what you need to know: Expected Release: Jan 2019 – Mar 2019 Product Size: 21″ H x 16″ W x 12″ L Product Weight: 15 lbs. Artists: Ian MacDonald (Design) Alex Pascenko (Design) Walter O’Neal (Design) John Staub (Design) Andrew Huerta (Design) […]

2018 Marvel Omnibus Releases

Check out our new sortable Omnibus release list HERE, including 2019 releases! Here is a list of most of the scheduled Spring, Summer, and Fall 2018 Omnibus releases from Marvel Comics.  Note that the release dates are from Amazon…these books will be out in comic shops earlier. Marvel Knights: Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale: Yellow, […]

XM Studios: Storm Reveal

XM Studios has revealed their latest member of the X-Men, and it’s none other than Gold team leader, Storm! Conjuring up a whirlwind with her mutant weather control powers, Storm comes with two distinct display options.  One stern and fierce, and one is fun loving. This piece goes up for pre-order April 4th, and will […]

HMO: Medusa Beastly Beauties 1/2 Scale Bust Review

Released: April 2016 Edition Size: 500 Product Size: 17″ H x 6.5″ W x 6.5″ D Product Weight: approx. 9 lbs. Design Team: Mufizal (Sculpt), Kobe Sek (Design), The H.M.O. Collectibles Design and Development Team Original Retail Price: $299 USD plus shipping Sculpt The piece is sculpted by Mufizal, who has previously done work for […]

XM Studios: Ghost Rider Review

Released: December 2016 Edition Size: 999 Original Retail Price: $990 SGD Approx. Size: 25″ Tall x 33″ Wide x 14.5″ Deep Approx. Weight: 45 lbs. Design Team: Adam Ross (Sculpt) Studio HIVE (Concept) XM Studios Design & Development Team