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Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Captain Britain 1/4 Scale Statue Kit2023/05/13
Brown Costume Wolverine by Alejandro Pereira2023/02/09

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Netero vs Meruem Elite Fandom Diorama2020/11/02
Unboxing & Review: Kaneki vs Yamori Elite Fandom Statue2019/08/19
Vash the Stampede Elite Exclusive Review2019/05/25
Vash the Stampede Elite Exclusive Unboxing2019/05/13
Ragnarök Thor Elite Diorama Review2018/08/27
Devilman vs Amon Elite Exclusive Review2018/08/26
Ragnarök Thor Elite Diorama Unboxing2018/08/12
Devilman vs Amon Elite Exclusive Unboxing2018/08/10

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Samus Varia Suit 1/4 Scale Statue2019/04/14

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M0D)
Long Live the Mini Bust (Daredevil, Venom & Spider-Man)2018/07/05

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Mai Shiranui 1/4 Scale Statue2020/10/16
Guilliman vs Chaos Space Marine 1/6 Scale Diorama2020/09/23
Zero 1/4 Scale Statue2020/01/13
Bounties of Bathos: Crow King Review2019/03/08
Bounties of Bathos: Crow King Unboxing2019/01/30
Morrigan 1/4 Scale Statue - Review2018/10/20
Morrigan 1/4 Scale Statue - Unboxing2018/09/08
Medusa Beastly Beauties 1/2 Scale Bust2018/04/03
Bounties of Bathos: Ren 1/4 Scale Statue2018/03/08
Mega Man X 1/4 Scale Statue2018/03/08

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Jaak, Giant Hunter Art Statue2020/03/01
Moonstone Art Statue2019/11/25

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Iron Studios Sentinel # 3 Review2023/07/10
Daredevil Legacy Replica Statue2021/02/12
Captain America Endgame Legacy Replica Statue2020/07/25
Review Archive: Darth Vader Legacy Replica2019/05/04
The Punisher Legacy Replica Review2019/01/24
The Punisher Legacy Replica Unboxing2019/01/13

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
War Heroes Diorama Preview2018/09/07
King of Fighters: Mai Shiranui Preview2019/07/07
King of Fighters: Terry Bogard 1/4 Scale Statue Preview2018/12/13

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
The Rock 1/4 Scale Statue2020/12/05
Ultimate Warrior 1/4 Scale Statue2020/03/12

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Big Game Cover Art Predator2021/06/25
New 52 Batman 1/4 Scale Statue2020/05/20
Batman Hush 1/3 Scale Statue2019/10/01
Hush Superman (Fabric Cape) 1/3 Scale Statue2019/09/03
Snake Eyes 1/4 Scale Statue Unboxing2019/07/04
G1 Transformers: Optimus Prime & Megatron2019/05/10
Dark Knight Returns Batman 1/3 Scale Statue2019/03/11
Storm Shadow 1/4 Scale Statue2018/08/01
Spider-Man 2099 1/4 Scale Statue2018/03/09

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Animus Bayek 1/4 Scale Statue2020/06/27
Assassin's Creed: Animus Altair 1/4 Scale Statue2020/01/29
Watch Dogs 2: Marcus & Wrench 1/4 Scale Statues2019/10/01

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Thanos Endgame 1/4 Scale Statue2021/10/04

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Magneto Dominant2019/11/28

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
The Flash Premium Format Figure2020/09/21
Domino Premium Format Figure2020/06/27
Colossus Premium Format Figure2020/05/20
Cable Premium Format Figure2020/04/07
Jean Grey Premium Format Figure2020/03/15
Darth Maul Life Size Bust2020/02/24
Juggernaut Maquette2019/10/15
Boba Fett Life Size Bust2019/09/22
Magneto Maquette 1/4 Scale Statue2019/09/13
Yoda Legendary Scale Figure Unboxing2019/07/05
Rogue Maquette Review2019/06/30
Elektra Premium Format Figure Review2019/06/23
Elektra Premium Format Figure Unboxing2019/06/10
Rogue Maquette Unboxing2019/06/02
Review Archive: Bane Premium Format Figure Exclusive2019/05/30
Review Archive: Symbiote Spider-Man Premium Format Figure2019/05/26
Review Archive: Lex Luthor Premium Format Figure2019/05/08
Superman Premium Format Figure2019/03/24
Lobo & Dawg Premium Format Figures2019/03/24
Daredevil Premium Format Review2019/02/10
Wolverine Premium Format Figure2018/11/19
Thanos on Throne Maquette2018/07/26

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Majin Vegeta HQS+ Review2018/09/25
Majin Vegeta HQS+ Unboxing2018/08/29
Portgas D. Ace HQS Review2019/02/23
Portgas D. Ace HQS Unboxing2018/12/26
The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku Review2018/11/04
The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku Unboxing2018/08/29

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
The Joker Super Powers Maquette Review2018/12/16

Statue NameDate Published (Y/M/D)
Super Sons Rebirth Preview2021/03/23
Hawkman Rebirth Preview2021/03/16
Deadpool Assembly Video2021/03/01
Green Goblin 1/4 Scale Statue2021/02/26
Doctor Octopus 1/4 Scale Statue2021/01/14
Iceman 1/4 Scale Statue2020/11/10
Omega Red 1/4 Scale Statue2020/10/08
Emma Frost 1/4 Scale Statue2020/09/19
Colossus 1/4 Scale Statue2020/09/07
Starscream 1/10 Scale Statue2020/08/31
Gambit 1/4 Scale Statue2020/08/10
Cyclops 1/4 Scale Statue2020/05/20
The Flash 1/6 Scale Statue2020/02/24
Wonder Woman 1/6 Scale Statue2020/02/19
Wolverine (Brown Costume) 1/4 Scale Statue2020/02/06
Samurai Deathstroke 1/4 Scale Statue2020/01/12
Spider-Man 1/4 Scale Statue2019/12/03
Optimus Prime 1/10 Scale Statue2019/11/25
Star-Lord 1/4 Scale Statue Unboxing2019/09/20
Dark Phoenix 1/4 Scale Statue Review2019/06/23
Review Archive: Ghost Rider 1/4 Scale Statue2019/05/31
Dark Phoenix 1/4 Scale Statue Unboxing2019/05/29
Review Archive: The Lizard 1/4 Scale Statue2019/05/27
Punisher 1/4 Scale Statue2019/05/06
Samurai Batman 1/4 Scale Statue2019/05/06
Sandman 1/4 Scale Statue2019/05/06
Venom 1/4 Scale Bust2019/04/30
Darth Maul 1/4 Scale Statue2019/04/07
Mysterio 1/4 Scale Statue2019/04/06
Magneto 1/4 Scale Statue2019/04/05
Review Archive: Cable 1/4 Scale Statue2019/03/05
Review Archive: Iron Fist 1/4 Scale Statue2019/03/05
Moon Knight 1/4 Scale Statue - Review2018/12/31
Scorpion 1/4 Scale Statue - Review2018/11/16
Moon Knight 1/4 Scale Statue - Unboxing2018/11/07
Scorpion 1/4 Scale Statue - Unboxing2018/11/07
Samurai Poison Ivy 1/4 Scale Statue2018/08/15
Luke Skywalker 1/4 Scale Statue2018/04/30
Carnage 1/4 Scale Statue2018/04/05
Spider Gwen 1/4 Scale Statue2018/03/08