Figurama: Attack on Titan News!

During Figurama Collectors’ big Tokyo Ghoul event this weekend in Thailand, some juicy tidbits about their upcoming Attack on Titan diorama were revealed.  This from their Facebook collector’s group:

Attention all members of the Survey Corps! We’ve got a Titan-sized announcement: Our up-and-coming Attack on Titan diorama will feature Season Two’s epic battle between Reiner Braun and Eren Jaeger in their monstrous Titan forms.

In true Figurama style, you can expect far more than a colossal recreation of the breath-taking scene. We have accepted the challenge to create a statue worthy of this popular and unique series. It will be a true, rare collectible in every aspect, exceeding the already high expectations we have set for our collectors with our recently-revealed Tokyo Ghoul diorama.

Ready to chow down on more details? Stayed tuned for teasers and more in the future! And remember: pledge your heart to humanity!

You can see on the banner above that the statue is confirmed to be a part of the ELITE EXCLUSIVE line, joining Devilman vs Amon, Vash the Stampede, and Alucard of Hellsing…these statues are HUGE and DETAILED to the MAX!!  Safe to say we can expect the same for Attack on Titan!

Who’s getting excited?!?!?  Stay tuned for more info!

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