Figurama: Devilman vs Amon Review

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Elite Exclusive Statue
Figurama Collectors

Retail Price: $810 USD
Edition Size: 200
Released: August 2018
Approx. Size: H 29” x W 25” x D 15”
Approx. Weight: 30 lbs.
Design Team:
Caleb Nefzen (Sculpt)
Jarold Sng (Concept)
Figurama Design Team

Figurama Collectors have really come out swinging with their initial release, the Devilman vs Amon Elite Exclusive diorama, based on the popular anime classic, Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman.

I really hate to use this description because I feel it is a major hyperbole, but the sculpt on this statue is simply breath-taking.  Caleb Nefzen is a supremely talented digital artist, and his style is definitely suited to this type of dark, horror genre.  Every surface is textured, the portraits are fittingly demonic (including the all important teeth, each individually detailed)…claws, wings, veins, horns, the spinal cord-like tails…too many details to list, hopefully the photo gallery below gives you even a small taste of its majesty.

Figurama did not let up on the paint job either.  Immaculate is one way to describe it.  Literally no slip-ups that I can find.  The layered paint glistens in the light, making it hard to decide what colour the statue is…it’s truly awesome to see.  Devilman’s wings are painted to appear as though they are translucent, and this effect had me fooled when I first saw the statue at Wonder Festival in February this year.  I have never seen anything quite like this effect before.  Very well done.

Production quality wise, expect top of the line when you open this piece.  It has a very heavy, quality feel.  The pieces fit together with metal pegs to provide a sturdy overall piece.  The way that Devilman attaches to Amon’s arm really gives the impression he is suspended in mid air. 

Devilman comes with two portraits that attach to the neck with a magnet: one head has large horns and is based more directly on the Apocalypse of Devilman OVA, while the other is a nod to Devilman’s earlier roots and is dubbed the ‘nostalgic’ head.  Both portraits are so good that I cannot decide which to display!

The overall packaging and presentation on this statue is tremendous.  I was nervous about all of the small spikes, teeth, wings etc. arriving safely, but there were no issues!  The box contains a wax sealed envelope, and inside you will find an art print of the statue, the numbered certificate of authenticity, and the assembly handbook.  You can check out the unboxing and assembly video below.

Overall, I am supremely impressed with this statue.  Figurama was promising big things, and they really have delivered.  Devilman vs Amon sets the bar extremely high for Figurama’s future releases…collectors should be incredibly excited for what they have in store!  This stunning statue should be setting the rest of the industry on notice that Figurama Collectors mean business!

Watch the unboxing video in 4K!


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