Figurama: Ragnarök Thor Review


The first design from Figurama Collectors is now in our hands, and it is based on the great Walt Simonson’s Ragnarök series from IDW comics. This story takes place in a world where Ragnarök has already occurred…the world is set in an eternal dusk, and undead roam the surface, and the Gods are dead…all Gods except one…

Retail Price: $475 USD
Edition Size: 200
Released: August 2018
Approx. Size: H 17.5” x W 15.5” x D 14”
Approx. Weight: 18 lbs.
Design Team:
– Jarold Sng (Concept)
– Riyahd Cassiem (Sculpt)
– Figurama Design Team

This statue depicts a very different version of Thor…one that looks undead himself…battling three separate Draugrs, as he fights to put an end to Ragnarök and restore faith to the mortal world.  The interaction between the four figures is expertly done.  Thor is perched slightly higher than his three enemies, and notice how the are falling away so we get a clear, unobstructed look at the Thunder God himself.  The bolt of lighting extending from Mjölnir carves a path of destruction through one helpless Draugr’s jaw and slices through the rib cage on another.  There is also plenty of texturing and detailing throughout all four figures, while maintaining the signature look of Simonson’s art.

Plenty of story related easter eggs are strewn about this statue.  Notice the smashed red amulet on Thor’s chest…a major plot point in his escape from imprisonment at the beginning of the story.  The remnants of the dwarven technological gate that provides transport to Asgard, as well as other remnants of the pre-Ragnarök civilization are found around the base.  The dead tree on the back side of the base is another symbol of the death and despair that has befallen the world during Thor’s imprisonment.

A very clean paint application is present on this statue, with fine attention to detail, such as with Thor’s two different coloured eyes.  The colours used throughout are suitably dim and drab to represent the bleakness of this world, while Thor’s blue robes, even though tarnished by centuries of captivity, help him stand out as a beacon of hope.

The statue is a very good size for a 1/6 scale piece, so clear a generous spot on your shelves for it.  The assembly is a breeze with the colour coded keys for each piece.  The one tricky part is getting the zig-zagging bolt of lightning into place, as it attaches to three locations (the end of Mjölnir, at the jaw of one draugr, and under the armpit of another).  I found it helpful to remove the draugr to Thor’s right from the base, attach the lightning to the hammer and the draugr in front, then attach the lightning to the jaw of the removed draugr then re-slot his foot into the base.  You can see the unboxing and assembly in the video below!

The statue comes with a wax sealed envelope containing a few goodies.  There is a very nice art print, an assembly handbook, a numbered certificate of authenticity that is hand signed by Walt Simonson, and sticker (also hand signed by Simonson) that can be placed in a designated spot on the underside of the base.

As the first statue tackled by Figurama’s design team, they considered this a bit of a test piece.  They wanted to push their limits and see if they could achieve translating their mind’s vision to glorious 3D reality.  I think they have passed the test with flying colours.  Whether you are a fan of the IDW comics series, a fan of Walt Simonson, or just want something unique and action packed for your shelves, this Ragnarök Thor Elite Diorama from Figurama is worth your time to check out.

Watch the unboxing in 4K!


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