HMO: Medusa Beastly Beauties 1/2 Scale Bust Review

Released: April 2016
Edition Size: 500
Product Size: 17″ H x 6.5″ W x 6.5″ D
Product Weight: approx. 9 lbs.
Design Team: Mufizal (Sculpt), Kobe Sek (Design), The H.M.O. Collectibles Design and Development Team
Original Retail Price: $299 USD plus shipping


The piece is sculpted by Mufizal, who has previously done work for XM Studios (Captain America, Black Widow, Daredevil), so you’ve likely seen his work before.  The sculpt on this Medusa piece is fantastic.  She has a beautiful face, and the snakes are CRAZY!  Over 200 individual snakes intertwine to form a styled hairdo, it is truly impressive to see in person.  Mufizal has indicated that these snakes were the biggest sculpting challenge of his career thus far…remember, he has to make these snakes into something that can be mass produced, which would have been no easy feat.


Paint all around on this piece is well done.  A nice patina finish on the crown, necklace, and shirt give the appearance of weathered copper or bronze.  The skin tones are beautifully done, with a slight freckling for a nice, realistic finish.  The lips are glossy, giving them a sultry wet look.


Everyone knows the Greek origins of the Medusa myth, but other cultures have contributed to the story as well, including Egyptian culture.  H.M.O. endeavored to include an Egyptian flare to the piece to honor this aspect of her history.  The Egyptian influence can be seen in the shape of the crown, which is similar to ancient relics of Egyptian queens.

One element that I did not notice until I had the piece in front of me was the man’s face sculpted into the stone on the base.  I thought this was a very cool element that further accentuates the legend around Medusa (how she turns people to stone when they look upon her), and shows great attention to detail.

Already mentioned above, but styling the snakes into something that looks like an actual hairstyle and not just a monstrous clump is brilliantly done.

I think the decision to make these busts 1/2 scale was the correct decision.  The Beastly Beauties line serves a bit of a niche in the current collecting landscape, and we all know that display space is at a premium (the struggle is real!!).  So, at its size, the piece is both impressive and yet compact enough to “fit” into any collection.

Production & Build Quality

The statue separates into three pieces (the head, base/body, and necklace).  The head fits into the base with a keyed peg and magnet.  The statue feels very sturdy and secure, and has a good weighty feel to it.

There are jewels added to the front of the crown and necklace that add some bling to everyone’s favourite gorgon.

By far my favourite aspect of this statue is the eyes.  Acrylic eyes were used in addition to “real” eyelashes to give an incredibly realistic look.  I love the deep green colour that was chosen for the eyes as well.

A piece as intricate as this one is bound to be fairly fragile, and that certainly is the case.  Be careful when removing the statue from the box, as one wrong move could mean snapping a snake at the root.  This statue is worth taking the extra time and effort when handling, however, she looks stunning.

On the subject of fragility, the box and foam packaging is being recalled and will be re-engineered to help ensure the piece remains secure during transit.  It’s great to see H.M.O. step up and do the right thing for their customers and fans.


Medusa is an excellent way to start off this Beastly Beauties line. Excellent quality and attention to detail make this unique take on an ancient tale feel fresh and exciting. If the rest of the line can live up to this standard, collectors are in for a treat.

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