2018 Statue Awards: Best Medium & Best Bust Nominees

Two more reveals for the fast approaching 2018 Statue Awards! Today, we have the Best Medium Statue and Best Bust categories…one more reveal day tomorrow, then voting goes live on January 7th! Stay tuned! See the nominees for Best Small Statue and Best X-Large Statue here.

Best Medium Statue

Recent years in statue collecting has been a lot about pushing sizes to the limits. With collectors quickly running out of display space, the Medium Sized Statue is starting to make a comeback. These 1/8 to 1/6 sized statues show that smaller size does not mean a compromise in presence or detail! Here are our nominees for Best Medium Statue of 2018 (from left to right on the banner above):

1. Spider-Man Webslinger Artfx by Kotobukiya
Sculpted by: Kouei Matsumoto, Design by: Kotobukiya Design Team, Retail Price: $199.99 USD, Approx. Size: 15″ tall
Why we chose it: It’s not easy capturing Spidey’s constant aerial acrobatics in a static 3D medium, and yet Kotobukiya has done it once again with this latest in the Artfx 1/6 scale statue line! Spider-Man is right at home as he gracefully swings around a New York skyscraper…is he simply on a joyride, or is he in the middle of saving the city from yet another maniacal super villain?

2. Marvel Premier Venom by Diamond Select
Sculpted by: Alejandro Pereira , Design by: Diamond Select Design Team , Retail Price: $150 USD, Approx. Size: 12″ tall
Why we chose it: Possibly the best bang for your buck in this entire event…who says you have to break the bank for a quality collectible? This statue gives collectors everything they need in a Venom statue in a highly affordable package. Well done by Diamond Select!

3. Gaara by Ryu Studio
Sculpted by: David Puertas, Design by: Ryu Studio Design Team, Retail Price: $699 USD, Approx. Size: 25″ tall
Why we chose it: Why? What’s not to like about a ninja with the power to manipulate sand? From the beloved Naruto Shippuden series, Ryu Studio brings us, Gaara! Ryu Studio has masterfully mixed Gaara’s more museum pose with swirling action around him, creating a beautiful scene for fans of the series.

4. Wolverine vs Juggernaut Battle Diorama by Iron Studios
Sculpted by: Victor Hugo Sousa, Design by: Iron Studios Design Team, Retail Price: $749.99 USD, Approx. Size: 17″ tall
Why we chose it: There is no shortage of Wolverine statues to choose from, but the Juggernaut is sorely underrepresented in statue form. The hulking X-Men villain is juxtaposed with the small, but deadly Wolverine! The base is what really brings this diorama to life, though…the smashed stairs inside the Xavier mansion, with the luxurious carpet a victim of a massive Juggernaut fist!

5. The Joker “Super Powers” Maquette by Tweeterhead
Sculpted by: Paul Harding, Design by: Paul Harding & Jason Wires, Retail Price: $294.99 USD, Approx. Size: 15″ tall
Why we chose it: Statues like this Joker from Tweeterhead show exactly why smaller statues do not necessarily mean less detail. Top of the line portraits, amazing outfit details, and a base that tells a story…what more could one ask for? This statue is one of our absolute favorite portrayals of the twisted Batman villain. Check out our full review and photo gallery here.

6. Harley Quinn “Super Powers” Maquette by Tweeterhead
Sculpted by: Jason Smith, Design by: Joe Allard & Thomas Williams, Retail Price: $294.95 USD, Approx. Size: 18.5″ tall
Why we chose it: Since making her debut in the Batman Animated Series back in 1992, Harley Quinn has skyrocketed to the heights of pop culture fandom! She is an insanely popular character that has transcended the comic book genre, and we think she has never looked better than in this amazing statue from Tweeterhead. This “Super Powers” statue line is shaping up to be something special!

7. Ragnarök Thor by Figurama Collectors
Sculpted by: Riyahd Cassiem, Design by: Jarold Sng, Retail Price: $475 USD, Approx. Size: 18″ tall
Why we chose it: Walt Simonson’s unique vision of Thor, published by IDW Comics, is faithfully represented by this action packed diorama. Thor may be near death, but that doesn’t stop him from laying waste to a horde of undead Draugrs! This statue is littered with easter eggs from the comic series, and depicts the titular hero calling forth a lightning strike from his mythical hammer, Mjoilnir…an absolute work of art from Figurama! Have a look at our review and photo gallery here.

8. The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku HQS by Tsume-Art
Sculpted by: Pierre-Marie Albert, Design by: Cyril Marchiol & Cyril Farudja, Retail Price: 399 Euro, Approx. Size: 18″ tall
Why we chose it: Because its power level is over 9,000! Oh, and it’s a faithful and heartfelt representation of one of the most memorable and most quoted scenes from one of the most popular anime series of all time…but, mostly because of the power levels, 😉 We reviewed this statue, and you can see the full review and photo gallery here.

9. How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Pure Arts, Design by: Ian MacDonald, Dan Katcher, & Stjepan Sejic, Retail Price: $249.99 USD, Approx. Size: 12″ tall
Why we chose it: This statue embodies the charm from the animated movie perfectly. Toothless, a fabled Night Fury dragon, is both incredibly cute and extremely dangerous (for the bad guys). Sideshow’s Out of the Box video for this statue can be viewed here.

10. Portgas D. Ace HQS by Tsume-Art
Sculpted by: Cyril Farudja, Christophe Sperto, & Maxime Roudaut, Design by: Cyril Marichol & Cyril Farujda, Retail Price: 699 Euro, Approx. Size: 23″ tall
Why we chose it: Because, quite simply, its one of the best statues we’ve seen. A massive fireball bursting up from the base, an insane light up feature with sound effects, glass-like clear resin for the flames, and a paint job for the ages! Tsume always finds a way to create statues with such incredible presence, yet still stay true to the design of the source material. This statue must be seen to be believed. Maybe we can help…check out our unboxing video here.

Best Bust

When the statue focuses on the face, you get a direct view into the emotion that drives the character. You get to look directly into its eyes and feel what they feel, there is no environmental base or switch out parts to distract you…this is why busts are a special type of collectible and why all busts, no matter what size, compete in their own special category!  This category made its debut last year, with Sideshow Collectibles’ Deadpool Life Size Bust taking home the inaugural honors. Which of these remarkable creations will follow it up in 2018? Here are the nominees for Best Bust (from left to right on the banner above):

1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter – Jason Life Size Bust by Elite Creature Collectibles
Sculpted by: Steve Wang, James Ferreira and Miyo Nakamura , Design by: ECC Design Team, Retail Price: $1,500 USD, Approx. Size: 30.5″ tall
Why we chose it: Elite Creature Collectibles has another stellar entry into this year’s Statue Awards. This Jason Voorhees life size bust sports a removable goalie mask (revealing is disfigured face), metal machete, tailored outfit, and Crystal Lake themed base. Can this Friday the 13th based bust slash its way to victory?

2. Fell Beast Bust by Weta Workshop
Sculpted by: Jamie Beswarick, Design by: , Retail Price: $699 USD, Approx. Size: 18″ tall
Why we chose it: It simply does not get any more authentic, as this piece was sculpted by Jamie Beswarick, one of the original designers of the Fell Beast for the Peter Jackson films. With this hand sculpted bust that can be displayed as a table top display or hung vertically on a wall, you’d swear that the Witch King himself was not far behind. An absolute incredible collectible from the studio that worked on the films.

3. Brain Dead Life Size Bust by Elite Creature Collectibles
Sculpted by: Akihito Ikeda, Design by: Akihito Ikeda, Retail Price: $2,000 USD, Approx. Size: 28″ tall
Why we chose it: Character designer, artist, and special fx master, Akihito Ikeda, created “Brain Dead” as a makeup effect/costume for 2016’s Monsterpalooza. He wanted to create a “Dark Japanese Hero” that had never been seen before. What he created was a totally original creation that has absolutely mind-blowing details. A hand-made, intricately tailored samurai style costume, metal sword and jewelry, and hand-made glass eyes just put this astonishing collectible over the top!

4. Joker: the Face of Insanity by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Pure Arts, Design by: Tom Gilliland & Pure Arts, Retail Price: $349.99 USD, Approx. Size: 21″ tall
Why we chose it: Originality always stands out, and this mask-like bust from Sideshow & Pure Arts is definitely original. It is no small feat to take a character that we’ve seen in countless collectibles and present something completely fresh and original. On top of that, the sculpted facial details and playing card base add to the high-level of style. Sideshow features this bust in an Out of the Box video here.

5. Scorpion MKX Life Size Bust by PCS Collectibles
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: PCS Design Team, Retail Price: $899.99 USD, Approx. Size: 30″ tall
Why we chose it: Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t…Get Over Here!….we said it. But, how can you look at this (now classic) character and not have that line go through your mind?!? Based on the updated MKX design, this bust presents a modernized costume, the incredible details and mesmerizing eyes breathe life in into this undead ninja.

6. Xiall: the Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale Bust by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Amilcar Fong and Jeff Yagher , Design by: Amilcar Fong, Retail Price: $379.99 , Approx. Size: 16″ tall
Why we chose it: Sideshow’s Curt of the Dead line has been steadily producing some of their most creative designs over the last few years. What started with the 1/4 scale Premium Format line has now expanded into the Legendary Scale Bust line (no, this line is not dead) with Xiall. The traditionally sculpted “bone tissue” and unique paint job give Death’s Right Hand the creepy undead look it deserves, and earned it a nomination for 2018 Best Bust. Can Xiall lift Sideshow to a repeat win in this category? This bust was featured on an episode of Sideshow Live here.

7. Giger’s Alien Life Size Head by CoolProps
Sculpted by: HR Giger, Design by: HR Giger, Retail Price: $1,799.99, Approx. Size: 15.75″ tall x 36″ long
Why we chose it: Watching Alien has left a deep, gory, horrific scar on the psyche of countless sci-fi fans, and it is largely due to this incredibly haunting creature design. HR Giger’s Alien is one of the most recognizable monsters in movie history, meaning that CoolProps had a lot to live up to with this life size head. The signature translucent dome with half human skull visible beneath, chromed teeth, and second mouth are sure to bring back memories of the films. This collectible was developed from the original movie props, and painstakingly produced by the Cool Props crew for maximum authenticity.

8. Female Velociraptor Life Size Bust by Chronicle Collectibles
Sculpted by: Stan Winston Studios, Design by: Chronicle Collectibles, Retail Price: $1,199 USD, Approx. Size: 30″ tall
Why we chose it: Everyone remembers the dangerous velociraptors from Jurassic Park, able to outsmart helpless human snacks at will. Well, Chronicle Collectibles worked with the original Stan Winston Studios molds to bring this terror inspiring prehistoric creature to your shelves. With razor sharp teeth, incredibly detailed skin, and eyes so realistic you’d swear they were watching you, does this bust have what it takes to capture Statue Awards glory? Get a closer look at the bust here.


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