2018 Statue Awards Fan Write-In

Now is your chance to have your say in the Statue Awards nomination process!  Simply fill in your nominations in the form below and submit using your Facebook account!

A couple things to remember before voting:

1. Eligibility Period
Runs from December 26, 2017 to December 25, 2018.  The statue must be shipped and IN HAND with collectors during this period in order to be eligible for the 2018 Statue Awards.

2. Licensed Only
We can all appreciate some of the great “fan art” out there, but this competition is for licensed statues only.

3. Small Statue:
Think Koto Artfx+ and Iron Studios’ 1/10 Art Scale series…there are some impressive statues to choose from here. These statues are definitely no small potatoes…

4. Medium Statue:
Although Bowen is not currently making statues, some people will still refer to this category as the “Bowen Scale”. Many companies are still thriving in this scale, like Kotobukiya , Tsume, DC Collectibles, Kinetiquettes, Tweeterhead, and Weta.

5. Large Statue:
Considered by many collectors as the marquee category, this category will consider pieces such as Sideshow’s Premium Format Figures and Comiquettes, XM Studios, Blitzway, Pop Culture Shock, Prime 1 Studio and many others.

6. X-Large Statue:
The ever-growing 1/3 scale figures are starting to occupy more and more of our display shelves, so this category gets more and more exciting each year. This category also includes those other overly large pieces like the Prime 1 Studios’ Transformers (even though technically their scale is smaller than 1/4) are included in this category.

7. Best Bust:
Busts occupy a unique zone of the collectible hobby and deserve special attention. That’s why we are separating all busts, no matter what size, into their own category!  Busts typically include only the portrait or upper body of the character, such as Life Size busts from Sideshow or mini-busts from Gentle Giant.

8. Best Gaming Statue:
Many of us spent at least some of our free time gaming, whether online with some friends or an immersive single player campaign. The characters and stories of these games have become meaningful parts of many people’s lives…that’s why these statues deserve special recognition.   Any size of statue from any type of video game (PC, PS4, Nintendo, SEGA, XBOX…any platform) is eligible to take home this award.

Note: the results from this vote will only be used as part of the nomination process.  The official Statue Awards voting event will take place in January 2019.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Best Small Statue (1:9 Scale and Smaller)
Best Medium Statue (1:8 to 1:6 Scale)
Best Large Statue (1:5 to 1:4 Scale)
Best X-Large Statue (Over 1:4 Scale)*
Best Bust (Any Size)
Best Gaming Statue (Any Size)

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