2018 Statue Awards Giveaway

Thank you for voting in the 2018 Statue Awards! You are now eligible to enter into our giveaway for this year’s event. Make sure to use the same Facebook account to enter the giveaway that you used to vote!

This being the 5th annual Statue Awards, we thought we’d do something special for the collecting community that shares our passion. We have FOUR amazing statues to give away! We would like to extend our sincere thank you to the fine folks at Figurama Collectors, HMO, and XM Studios for the helping to make this giveaway possible!

The following statues are included in this year’s giveaway:

1. Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki vs Yamori from Figurama Collectors (Pre-order Item)
2. Crow King by HMO ( Pre-order Item )
3. Ragnarök Thor by Figurama Collectors (Ready to Ship)
4. Batgirl by XM Studios ( Pre-order Item )

You will notice that 3 of these 4 statues are not yet released. For these three statues, the winner’s information will be given to these generous companies and the item will ship directly from them to you. This likely means shipping from Asia to your location, so keep that in mind. Ragnarök Thor is in hand, and will ship to you from Alberta, Canada.

At this time, we do not know when the three pre-order items will ship to you. Crow King and Batgirl are anticipated within Q1 2019. Kaneki vs Yamori will likely be late this year,or possibly early 2020.

The giveaway is completely free to enter, but please be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions. Notably, the winner agrees to pay shipping costs (expect somewhere between $200 and $400 USD, depending on the statue and your location…you will only be charged exact shipping costs) and is responsible for any duty and tax due upon delivery (full value of the statue must be declared). There can be no refunds, replacements, or exchanges for any of the prizes.

Maximum 1 prize per person (there will be 4 unique winners).

Using the forms below, you can enter up to THREE times for each giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel, visiting our Instagram Page, or visiting the Facebook page (one entry for each method). If you like what you see, we ask that you consider giving us a like on these platforms, as your support is what drives us!

Winners will be announced shortly after the conclusion of the Statue Awards event, once we have 4 confirmed unique winners. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to check your inbox!

XM Studios Batgirl Entry Form

2018 Statue Awards Giveaway

Figurama Tokyo Ghoul Entry Form

2018 Statue Awards – Tokyo Ghoul

HMO Crow King Entry Form

2018 Statue Awards Giveaway – Crow King

Figurama Ragnarök Thor Entry Form

2018 Statue Awards Giveaway – Ragnarök Thor

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  1. I love your Statue Awards must better than the Oscars

    Keep your amazing videos coming I can’t wait to see all your reviews in 2019

  2. Hi everyone ,

    every year a hard battle goes for the title of best statue of the year, this year I support again P1, thank you for this event Bmutha and for this contest at the top!

  3. Your videos are great and you save the best for last with the Statue Awards. Excellent job! I’ve entered in all and hope I win. Really appreciate you doing this!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway. Already got the Tokyo Ghoul statue ordered so I’m hoping for Thor or Batgirl!!
    Good Luck everyone!

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