2018 Statue Awards – Round 1 Winners

After 48 intense hours of voting that saw several lead changes throughout, the results are here! We won’t bore you with more preamble, let’s get on to the results!

Voting for Statue of the Year between these fine winners will begin at noon EST on January 10th and close at noon EST on January 12th. Go to the main awards page HERE to vote.

Best Small Statue

Iron Studios’ Art Scale line of 1/10th scale statues grows every year, not only in numbers, but also in quality and elaborate designs. This Hulkbuster, based on the blockbuster Infinity War, almost defies convention. Tons of detail and presence packed into a very displayable package..it’s no wonder that is ‘HULK SMASHED’ the competition! Congratulations to Iron Studios for their first victory in the Best Small Statue category!

Poll Results

1st Place: Art Scale 1/10: Hulkbuster by Iron Studios 21.02%
2nd Place: Gandalf on Gwaihir by Weta Workshop 13.53%
3rd Place: DC Bombshells: Batman & Catwoman Deluxe by DC Collectibles 13.16%

Best Medium Statue

Tsume rarely goes less than all out with their statues, and Ace is no exception. Despite being 1/7 scale, this statue is a MASSIVE undertaking of artistic design, engineering, and production. Featuring a wild design, enormous fireball, light and sound effects, it is an absolutely amazing accomplishment that this statue has come out as near flawless as it has…it can only be a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Tsume team. Congratulations to Tsume for their THIRD consecutive victory for Best Medium Statue!

Poll Results

1st Place: Portgas D. Ace HQS by Tsume-Art 29.43%
2nd Place: Gaara by Ryu Studio 14.08%
3rd Place: Ragnarök Thor by Figurama Collectors 13.35%

Best Large Statue

Another trophy for the talented team at Tsume! Majin Vegeta was their first ever entry into the hotly contested Large Statue category, and they had to turn their power levels up to 9001 to fend off a hearty fight from first year entrant, Figurama Collectors (watch out for these guys, absolutely amazing 2nd place finish with their first ever released statue), and established industry heavyweight, Prime 1 Studio . Part of their HQS+ line, this has several sequenced light & sound effects, and also has some of the absolute best clear resin parts we have ever laid eyes on (the pieces literally look like glass). A fan favorite scene from one of the most globally renowned anime series of all time, Majin Vegeta is the 2018 Best Large Statue!

Poll Results

1st Place: Majin Vegeta by Tsume-Art 23.58%
2nd Place: Devilman vs Amon by Figurama Collectors 16.45%
3rd Place: Guts the Black Swordsman by Prime 1 Studio 16.27%

Best X-Large Statue

At risk of sounding like a broken record, another victory for Tsume! Again, 2018 marked the first time that Tsume has produced a statue that qualified to clash with the titans in the X-Large category. UFO Robot Grendizer was a passion project for the team at Tsume, as the original anime series was one of the first to make the jump to Europe and started countless young minds on their way to becoming lifelong anime fans. The series holds a special place in many hearts, and now this statue can also be remembered as a champion, the 2018 Best X-Large Statue!

We also want to extend a hearty congratulations to Prime 1 Studio, who narrowly missed earning this award for the SIXTH year in a row. Surely, they will remain a force to be reckoned with.

Poll Results

1st Place: UFO Robot Grendizer HQS by Tsume-Art 25.41%
2nd Place: Wonder Woman 1/2 Scale by Prime 1 Studio 23.95%
3rd Place: Darth Vader Legendary Scale Figure Sideshow Collectibles 12.80%

Best Gaming Statue

We had the chance to see an early prototype of HMO’s Morrigan at the 2017 Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention (STGCC). As soon as we laid eyes on her, we knew they were on to something special. Always striving for innovation with each of their collectibles, Morrigan features a proprietary, never-before used ‘Real Eyes’ technology, where the eyes are encased in a gel that gives them an unparalleled realistic appearance. Team that with a creative parallax skull base complete with an adventurous bat swarm, skin that glows, amazing paint design by industry star James TCE, and a faithful reproduction of the source art, and you are left with the 2018 Best Gaming Statue! Congratulations to the hard working, dedicated team at HMO for their first ever Statue Award!

Poll Results

1st Place: Capcom’s Morrigan by Hand Made Object 25.05%
2nd Place: Lady Maria by Prime 1 Studio 13.89%
3rd Place: Solid Snake by First 4 Figures 11.88%

Best Bust

Sideshow Collectibles teamed up with Pure Arts to produce a totally unique bust. This villainous mask captures all of the sinister traits of one of the most widely recognized characters in pop culture history, the Joker! Thinking outside the box can pay off, and it definitely has here, as Sideshow takes home the Best Bust award for the second year in a row.

Poll Results

1st Place: Joker: Face of Insanity Life Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles 25.05%
2nd Place: Scorpion by PCS Collectibles 16.82%
3rd Place: Velociraptor 1:1 Female Bust by Chronicle Collectibles 14.63%

Favorite Company

Tsume has firmly established themselves as one of the top statue producers in the industry, and are an absolute force to be reckoned with! 2018 saw Tsume increase their online presence on social media, with frequent live video streams, humorous unboxing videos, and world-class “Tora No Tsume” online talk show (featuring behind the scenes, documentary style reveals and updates of their products). On top of that, Tsume continue to push the limits of statue design, and they absolutely deserve every accolade for sweeping all of the categories they qualified for. And, 2019 looks just as exciting for collectors, with a lineup featuring Saitama, Natsu Dragon Slayer, Tony Tony Chopper, and Berserk. With their second consecutive Favourite Company award, we have news for you, Tsume is the real deal and they will be a force for a long, long time! Congratulations to the entire team!

Poll Results

1st Place: Tsume-Art 23.95%
2nd Place: Prime 1 Studio 18.83%
3rd Place: Figurama Collectors 15.17%

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  1. Fantastic awards! So glad Morrigan won best Gaming statue! It truly is a feat in engineering and craftsmanship

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