2018 Statue of the Year Revealed!

After an intense, week-long event, we have finally come to a conclusion. The votes have been cast, and HMO’s Morrigan is officially the queen of 2018. But, before we move on to congratulating Hand Made Object on the victory, we want to say take a moment and look at the results from the public poll:

Morrigan by HMO – 29.9%
Majin Vegeta by Tsume-Art – 29.9%
Portgas D. Ace by Tsume-Art – 26.6%

Not a word of a lie, it ended in a tie. We have had a single tie in one previous year (it was when Weta’s Frodo won Best Small Statue in 2016), but since it is so rare, we did not think to publish the tiebreaker rules. Bmutha.com withholds its own personal vote until the end of each round strictly for this occurrence…if there is a tie, we break it. Luckily, we had the pleasant opportunity to review each of these two statues left standing, so we are very well informed about each one. It was an INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT decision.

Majin Vegeta is a near flawless representation of an iconic scene from a globally successful anime, Dragon Ball Z. Although the light-up and the sound features are amazing, this statue boils down to simplicity. It does not need a plethora of display options or a base littered with monsters. When you break it down, it is Vegeta all alone, and it is the execution of his character that elevates this statue to being one of the very best of 2018. Producing these characters may seem simple because of the source material it is drawn from. But, a tremendous amount of time and skill is put into bringing these characters to life in three dimensions, ensuring the proportions and anatomy look good from all angles. The artists at Tsume pour their hearts into this, and they achieved something special with Vegeta. We extend a heartfelt congratulations to Tsume for a monumental performance this year, taking home FOUR awards.

But, there can only be one. What swayed our vote in the end was the innovation and risk taken with Morrigan. The realistic eye technique developed by HMO was a daring choice, and one that we feel will propel this hobby forward. It’s one thing to do it for a prototype made by a top artist. It is another thing entirely to put a never before used technique it into production, and pull it off so splendidly. Add this unique feature to an amazing paint scheme and “so real you want to touch it” skin effect, and you are left with such a striking statue that it is hard to look away. We believe that all of the statues we nominate are worthy contenders, but only one can come out on top at the end. For 2018, Hand Made Object’s Morriganis Statue of the Year. To the good people at HMO, please accept our most sincere congratulations, and we cannot wait to see what 2019 brings for you.

Read up on the happenings of the entire event HERE.

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