2020 Statue Awards Fan Nominations Are Open!

Every year we allow the collectors and fans of this great hobby a chance to determine what statues get nominated in the annual Statue Awards! Although there are other determining factors, we strongly value what collectors have to say!

So, now is your chance to help decide the nominees for the 2020 Statue Awards! Use the vote form below to have your say…just type the name of the statue you want to see nominated for that category, and click submit! That’s easy.

What won’t be easy…your vote! This year has been amazing for us collectors…so many incredible statues to choose from…but, you can only nominate one statue per category!


These are the categories you have been familiar with over the years, but this year these will be limited to comics and movie, and any 100% original concepts.

Fans choose the best in the following categories:

Best Small Statue – (1:8 scale and under)- think Kotobukiya ArtFx+, Iron Studios Art Scale, Royal Selangor limited editions, DC Collectibles, etc.

Best Medium Statue – (1:7 to 1:6 scale) – some examples include DC Designer Series, Marvel Premier Statues from Diamond Select, Weta’s Lord of the Rings series, Tweeterhead, Kotobukiya Fine Art series, and more!

Best Large Statue – (1:5 to 1:4 scale) – Sideshow Premium Format Figures & Maquettes , Iron Studios Legacy Replicas, XM Studios, PCS Collectibles are just a few examples of statue lines that qualify for this category!

Best X-Large Statue – (Over 1:4 scale or otherwise huge pieces) – Prime 1 Studio’s 1:3 and 1:2 scale lines, XM Studios’ Transformers , Sideshow Legendary Scale Figures, Weta’s Master Collection etc. are some examples of what is included here. This year we have also seen some incredible dioramas that technically are a smaller scale, but by every right deserve to be right here in the X-Large category (think Batman Sanity and the X-Men vs Sentinel from XM Studios).


Again, the fans choose the best bust for the year. Busts of all shapes and sizes are included in this category, from the 1/6 scale mini busts to the monstrous life size busts.


Gaming statues have had their own special category for a few years now, and it gets more and more competitive every year! Gaming themed statues of any size belong in this category, and a fan vote will decide the winner. Unlike previous years, there will be no crossover eligibility…if a statue has a gaming theme, it will be here and nowhere else.


Similar to the Gaming category, Anime themed pieces finally got their own category last year, and in 2020 we will continue this new traditions. The strength of this genre of the hobby has improved immensely over the past few years, and there are numerous companies producing high-end anime statues…this should be one of the most hotly contested categories, and you, the fans, get to decide the winner! Again, no crossover eligibility, anime statues will stay here.

Best Medium Anime/Manga Statue – This category includes all anime themed pieces under 1:4 scale.

Best Large Anime/Manga Statue – As you might have already guessed, this category includes all statues 1:4 scale and over. As there are exceptions to all rules, the massive non-scale statues (think Figurama’s Alucard or Attack on Titan) would be included here in this category as well.


No need for a write-in here…all companies will be eligible or your vote when the event opens!


A brand new award for this year, and hopefully the start of a new tradition. A panel of sculptors, artists, painters etc. in the industry will decide their choice for Statue of the Year. This vote will take place prior to the fan votes noted above, but will revealed at the end of the competition alongside the other winners!


Note that only statues released (i.e. shipped and in hand) between December 26th, 2019 and December 25, 2020 are eligible…make sure the statue you choose qualifies!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

This poll ends in 213 Days 14 Hours 56 Minutes 54 Seconds


Comics/Movies/Originals: Best Small Statue (1:8 Scale and Smaller)
Comics/Movies/Originals: Best Medium Statue (1:7 to 1:6 Scale)
Comics/Movies/Originals: Best Large Statue (1:5 to 1:4 Scale)
Comics/Movies/Originals: Best X-Large Statue (Over 1:4 Scale)*

*Very large dioramas and non-scale statues such as Prime 1 Studio or XM Studios Transformers, or XM Studios Batman Sanity are included in the X-Large category.


Best Bust (Any Size)


Best Gaming Statue (Any Size)


Anime/Manga: Best Medium Statue (Under 1:4 Scale)
Anime/Manga: Best Large Statue (1:4 Scale and Over)*

*Very large dioramas and non-scale statues such as Figurama's Alucard or Attack on Titan will be included in the Large category.

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