Another Legendary Assassin from PureArts

If I was your punishment, you’d already be dead.

Kassandra, Legendary Assassin

To the delight of Assassins Creed Odyssey fans worldwide, the latest edition of our groundbreaking Animus statues is devoted to fan favourite protagonist Kassandra. Decked in iconic Misthios attire, broken spear and shadowed by her protector goddess Athena, Kassandra stands proud as a formidable warrior.

Her fierce stance contrasts beautifully with a rich gold Animus effect while honoring the engraved depiction of Alexios in battle beneath her feet. The 500 PureArts Exclusive Editions include a wearable replica of Kassandra’s golden brooch! This statue, due to launch tomorrow March 31st 2022, is sure to be a PureArts classic.

• Price = $899.00 USD
• Edition Size = 500 Exclusive Editions
• Estimated Delivery Date = Q2 2023
• Shipping = Worldwide

• Hyper-detailed sculpt of Kassandra in Mercenary outfit,
• LED-lit Animus effect with bronze colored Athena statue,
• Engravings depticting Alexios in battle,
• Two full head poses (with & without Misthios helmet),
• Material =  Polyresin,
• Scale = 1/4

Pre-order your very own piece direct from PureArts HERE!

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