Custom Daredevil Billy Clubs

I received a new Daredevil statue recently that had a couple different hand options: one holding billy clubs, and the other was a pair of blood/gore dripping fists.  The problem with option 2 was that the billy clubs from option 1 had a non-detachable wire, meaning that the billy clubs could not be placed in […]

Comics: Daredevil 600 Adi Granov Variant Covers

Three limited edition Adi Granov Daredevil 600 variant covers went on sale this week.  There are three covers available, the ‘A’ cover shown above (3,000 copies), a ‘B’ virgin cover featuring black costumes for DD and Elektra (1,500 copies), and a ‘C’ virgin cover with the red costumes (1,000 copies).  Each is available signed by […]


Those who know me, know that I am a massive Daredevil fan.  This dedicated page will be where I post about Daredevil themed news, reviews, photos, images, videos etc.  If it is Daredevil, it belongs here! I will start off with some of my personal favourite Daredevil collectibles…the Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure and Life […]