Death of Daredevil?

Charles Soule’s long-running tenure on DAREDEVIL is coming to an end…and he is not leaving Matt Murdock in a good place.

This October, Soule and artist Phil Noto kick off Matt Murdock’s darkest chapter yet–one that will lead to a chilling and surprising finale in November’s DAREDEVIL #612! Is this the end for Matt Murdock?

First, read the beginning of the end with DAREDEVIL #609 on October 17…

Daredevil 1 (Dec 2015)

Marvel has announced that Charles Soule’s Daredevil run, which began back in December 2015, is coming to an end with issue 612.  The start of this final arc, titled “the Death of Daredevil”, begins with issue 609 slated to be released October 17th.

Soule’s run has introduced some memorable characters, such as sidekick Blindspot and menacing villains Ten Fingers and Muse (easily my favourite new character from the run).  He also installed a new Mayor of New York, none other than the Kingpin, and when that inevitably went south, our main man, Matt Murdock took over.

It has been a memorable run, to say the least.  But, is Matt Murdock really going to die, or is this a more metaphorical death?  Even though comic book characters are never truly dead, I am still crossing my fingers that my favourite character is not killed off!!  Let’s wait and see!

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