STGCC 2017

In September 2017, was lucky enough to attend the 10th annual Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention.  That beautiful facility in the photo above?  Yeah, that’s where the convention is held…the state of the art Marina Bay Sands.  Even though the humidity and I did not get along in my short time in Singapore, it was an absolutely amazing experience.  I had the chance to meet people and make friends from all over the world, and see the lovely sights of Singapore!  Oh yeah, there was a convention, too!

XM Studios had an amazing show, revealing some astounding new statues such as Hulkbuster, Weapon X, Predator, Moon Knight, Dark Phoenix, and the seductive Poison Ivy (seriously the most beautiful female statue I have ever seen!).

Also having a strong showing at the event was Hand Made Object (HMO).  Their sultry Morrigan made her debut at the show, and what a debut it was!  The rock formation base that comes together to form a skull, the glass eyes, and the paints that popped…she was stunning.  Also making a debut at the show was Sorrow, an upcoming hunter from the Bounties of Bathos statue line…the blood in the water effect on her base is second to none!

Please enjoy our coverage of the event below!

HMO Booth Tour

Dani Hinze, co-creator of the Bounties of Bathos world, took some time to tour us through the HMO display booth.  We take a look at all of their statues on display, including the Bathos pieces (Crow King!!!), Mega Man X, and Morrigan.

Bmutha’s Top 5 XM Statues at STGCC

With so many eye-catching pieces on display, it was seriously hard to pick a top 5…but, somehow I managed to do it.  Which ones made my list?  Watch the video below to find out.

XM Studios: Star Wars Statues

Star Wars can be a difficult license to pull off, but XM Studios took their best shot.  On display at STGCC were intergalactic bounty hunter, Bob Fett, farm boy turned Jedi master, Luke Skywalker, Sith Lord Darth Vader, and making its surprise debut at the event, Darth Maul!

XM Studios: Spider-Verse Statues

No statue company has been brave enough to take on the extended villainy of the Spider-verse…that is until XM Studios came along.  The full lineup of the original Sinister Six was on display, along with familial symbiotes, Venom & Carnage, Scorpion, super thief, Black Cat, and Earth-65’s very own Spider Gwen.

XM Studios: Transformers, Top Cow, & Jade Comics Statues

It’s not all about mainstream Marvel and DC at XM Studios, they also have the popular Transformers license, and some lesser know characters from Top Cow and Jade comics.  Take a look at what was on display below.

XM Studios: Asgardians & Winter Soldier

Some cosmic beauties from Asgard, everyone’s favourite horse-faced alien, and Bucky Barnes turned super-assassin are featured in this video.

XM Studios: Samurai Batman Line

Maybe the most creative line on the market today, these statues are part of XM’s original Samurai-themed Batman mythos.  Featured here are Catwoman, the Joker, and the absolutely stunning, Poison Ivy.

XM Studios: X-Men vs Sentinel & Storm

It’s hard to put into words just how enormous this X-Men vs Sentinel diorama really is…hopefully this video gives you a taste.  Oh, and a fully-painted Storm also made her debut at the event.

XM Studios: Avengers Assemble & 1/4 Scale Busts

The 1/4 scale bust line from XM packs a ton of detail into a smaller package.  These things are absolutely gorgeous…the Thor could be the single best Thor statue ever made (my humble opinion, of course), and the Rhino’s teeth look so real, you’d swear they were harvested from some poor human (I couldn’t confirm that they weren’t!).  Also, sometimes it is forgotten that XM teamed up with HMO to produce the 1/6 scale Avengers Assemble line…the full lineup, including the gravity defying Falcon, was on display.

XM Studios: Classic Iron Man & Hulkbuster

Since the debut of the movie way back in 2008, not too many Marvel characters have been more popular than Iron Man…and he’s never looked better as a collectible than he does here.  XM showed off the monstrous Hulkbuster statue (with Iron Man accessory), and the more minimalist but equally impressive, Classic Iron Man.