Feel the Pain! Figurama’s Latest Statue Reveal!

Pre-orders for Figurama Collectors Naruto vs. Pain Elite Fandom Statue start in less than 48 hours on October 30th at 11:00pm JST (10am EST)!

To celebrate, Figurama is revealing the first look at the physical prototype, complete with all its intricate details and complex painting! Previous images were digital renders, but this is the mind-blowing actual prototype statue!

• Naruto and Pain Swap Outs with Bust Stands – Featuring swap outs for both Naruto (Sage Mode and Ninja options) and Pain (calm and angry shouting expressions).

• Features Naruto vs Pain, plus the toads Fukasaku and Shima as well as the summon Katsuyu

• STORE EXCLUSIVE Art Print Wallpaper – The official art print in digital format for desktop and mobile is drawn by the Naruto licensors, making it a true collector’s piece for any fan.

• Save $45 on Shipping and a 5% Discount – Purchase from the Figurama Collectors website and checkout with AXES or PayFort to save $45 off shipping and an additional 5% discount exclusive to the Naruto vs. Pain Elite Fandom Statue.

Join the wish list to be alerted when pre-orders open on October 30th at 11:00pm JST!

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