We started out sculpting statues; now we’re also sculpting sound…welcome to the 20.80 channel!

• Launching July 22, 2021, from the Figurama Collectors YouTube Channel
• Original, lo-fi remixes from master artists, continuously streamed live from Tokyo, Japan
• New songs inspired by your favorite anime, video games, and movies added each month
• Live giveaways, relaxing community environment, and endless nostalgia
• 20.80 stands for “the 20’s are the new 80’s” –retro remixes for modern listening
• Behind-the-scenes documentary coming soon!You might be wondering:

Why lo-fi? Just like collecting statues of your favorite characters inspires your nostalgia, a simple sound effect from a nostalgic video game or anime series can trigger a wonderful sensation. Lo-fi is built on nostalgia. It makes you feel more productive, more at ease, and with a great sense of belonging to others. The mission of the 20.80 channel, is to create a culture of community for everyone over something we share a passion for.

We’re taking the music that shaped us and giving it back to society. The 20.80 channel is designed to be a 4D experience. Our hope is that you’ll listen while gazing at your collection. In that moment, you’ll feel a flood of familiar memories wash over you. You’ll remember simpler moments, contentment, nostalgia, and peace. Like a memory in sound form.If you aren’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Then, join thousands of other Figuramians in the Figurama Collectors Hub as we count down the days until the big reveal on the 22nd! Keep on collecting.


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