Figurama Naruto Pre-Order Now Open

Pre-orders are now open for Figurama Collectors Naruto vs. Pain Elite Fandom Statue! Only 1500 pieces are available worldwide and this incredible collectible is expected to sell out in less than 24 hours!!

Use our exclusive code BMuNvPEFS at checkout for $25 off!!

Naruto – 2 Swappable Torsos – Showcase Naruto in his Konoha ninja uniform or transform him into powerful Sage mode!
Pain – 2 Swappable Portraits – Capture a range of emotions from Naruto’s nemesis as he rages into battle!
Rasengan Effect – Naruto’s trademark ninjutsu is beautifully replicated in ultra-detailed, Figurama-grade style!
Features Naruto vs Pain, plus the toads Fukasaku and Shima as well as the summon Katsuyu
Artistic Dust Clouds – The woodblock-accented style of Naruto comes to life in a layered base shaped like the Akatsuki cloud.
$45 shipping discount through Axes or PayFort + 5% discount through Axes or PayFort – Get 5% off the entire statue when you purchase from the Figurama Collectors website and pay through AXES or PayFort! That’s on top of the $45 discount you’ll get off shipping!
Store Exclusive Art Print Wallpaper – The official art print in digital format for desktop and mobile is drawn by the Naruto licensors, making it a true collector’s piece for any fan.

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