Figurama: New License Reveal!

Figurama Collectors, a manufacturer of premium collectible statues based on anime licenses, has announced a new statue based on Mazinger Z.

Credited with influencing the popularity of the mecha genre, Mazinger Z introduced many staples of the mecha genre, including the concept of a super robot being piloted by a human from within its cockpit. Written by the legendary Go Nagai—the same author as DevilmanMazinger Z continues to leave a legacy, with a theatrical film sequel (Mazinger Z: Infinity) recently released in 2018.

Regarding the new license announcement, Figurama Collectors commented:

“Being collectors ourselves, many of our pieces are birthed from our own nostalgia for our favorite anime series growing up. One of those series, Mazinger Z, began airing in 1972 and was, for many of us, our introduction to the mecha genre. We turned on our TVs each week for the next pulse-pounding episode, inspired by a world filled with massive robots piloted by ordinary but heroic kids (like us!). Over-the-top action sequences that merged humans with machines made us dream of commandeering our own super robot in the future. Bringing the world of Mazinger Z and its titular super robot to life through our art is a challenge we accept with great enthusiasm. Please look forward to more teasers for this new license in 2020, which will be a landmark year for Figurama Collectors!

ABOUT FIGURAMA COLLECTORS: Figurama Collectors was born in 2015 from a lifelong passion for Japanese anime and American comics. We cater to pop culture art connoisseurs with high standards.

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