Figurama: Thor Giveaway!

Did you know that Figurama Collectors’ very first statue wasn’t based on an anime, but rather a comic book?

Thor: Ragnarök immediately grabbed our attention. In this apocalyptic take on the classic superhero, he’s brought him back from the dead to seek out vengeance for the destruction of his fellow gods and restore hope to the scattered remnants of mortal people. One glance at Walter Simonson’s jawless, pale-eyed hero is enough to tell you this isn’t the Thor: Ragnarök you saw in theaters!

Thor: Ragnarök turned 5 years old this year, and to celebrate this major anniversary milestone, our first statue, and our first Elite Diorama, we’re featuring an entire week of our favorite undead Norse god in the Figurama Collectors Hub on Facebook!

Prepare to learn fun facts about this post-apocalyptic series, discover all the Easter Eggs on our statue, and even get a chance to win a Ragnarök Thor Elite Diorama Statue of your own!

This award-winning statue, which BMUTHA called “an absolute work of art from Figurama,” won 3rd place in the Best Medium Statue category during the 2018 Statue Awards.

Head over to the Figurama Collectors Hub to start earning entries in our statue giveaway!

ABOUT FIGURAMA COLLECTORS: Figurama Collectors was born in 2015 from a lifelong passion for Japanese anime and American comics. We cater to the pop culture art connoisseurs with high standards.

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