Figurama Triple Threat: Robo Elite Busts!

Figurama Collectors adds a trio of robotic busts to their ever-expanding collection of anime and manga themed collectibles. Today, it’s the fan-favourite Super Robots: Grendizer, Mazinger Z, and Getter Robo in glorious, hyper-detailed 1/4 scale! Fly on over to Figurama Collectors website and secure your Super Robot Elite Busts before the time is up…the pre-order window closes August 20th!

🦾 First-Ever Super Robot Triple Release – For the first time ever, Grendizer, Mazinger Z, and Getter Robo are released in the same 1/4 equivalent scale and style together!
🦾 360° Display Bases – Each Elite bust sits atop aircraft base that can be combined with the other two Super Robot bases for a powerful outward-facing triple display!
🦾 Super Robot Elite Bust Collection – Collectors can choose to get Grendizer, Mazinger Z, and Getter Robo busts separately, OR as part of the discounted Super Robot Elite Bust Collection!
🦾 Aircraft Base for Each Super Robot – At the base of each bust is an aircraft from the series: Grendizer features the Spazer, Mazinger Z features the Hover Pilder, and Getter Robo features the Eagle-Gou!
🦾 Exclusive Signed Art Print – With each purchase, receive an art print signed by Yokota Mamoru, a legendary animator in the Super Robot genre!
🦾 Limited Edition Release – With only a two-week order/preorder window, these highly limited superior-quality polystone busts won’t last long

Edition Size: Limited Edition
Series: Elite Bust
Size: 1/4 Scale Equivalent; H26cmIncludes : Certificate of Authenticity & Swappable chest plate with custom flag design (Grendizer Only)
Creative Director: Mr. Shanab/Figurama Development Team
Materials: Polystone, PU
Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin
3D Artist/Sculptor: Luigi Terzi
Coloring Artist: Three Eyes Studio
Grendizer Retail Price: $295 / NRD 20% ($59)
Mazinger Z Retail Price: $260 / NRD 20% ($52)
Getter Robo Retail Price: $245 / NRD 20% ($49)
Payment Plan: Up to 3 months (as low as $65.33 per month)
* This order is not eligible for the $45 discount on shipping invoice if using AXES or Payfort

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