Figurama x Claymore Full Reveal!

Pre-Order opens on February 27th at 11 PM JST!

Figurama Collectors’ hot new Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive Statue commemorates one of the manga’s most memorable encounters with premium artistry. Teresa wields Clare’s diecast metal claymore,with swappable portraits portraying either her iconic “faint smile” or golden-eyed state, as she releases 10% of her Yoki energy against an Awakened Priscilla. Amidst the carnage of the battlefield lie two of Claymore Cassandra’s hydra heads, severed from Priscilla during the clash, and the three discarded blades of the former top-ranked Claymore, Roxanne, Cassandra, and Hysteria.

The pedestal pays homage to the grotesque beauty of Claymore. The purity of the Twin Goddesses of Love, after which Teresa and Clare are named, contrasts with the mangled forms of Priscilla’s former victims,transforming body,and Yoma. Five diecast metal blades segment the base, representing the clash between Teresa and the four Claymore sent to execute her at the story’s beginning (Priscilla, Sophia, Irene, and Noel), a pivotal moment that led to Priscilla’s villainy.

Figurama Collectors is proud to release Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive Statue, limited to 800pieces worldwide.Each1/6-scale collectible includes an exclusive art print and autographed Certificate of Authenticity by Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab and 3D Artist Carlos Cruz.

Edition Size: 800
Series: Elite Exclusive
Statue Release Date: Q1 2022
Size: 1/6 scale (H72 x W43.5 x D44 CM / H28.5 x W17 x D17.5 IN)
Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab and 3D Artist Carlos Cruz
• Two portraits for Teresa,
• one bust stand for alternative Teresa portrait,
• art print
Materials: Polystone, PVC, Diecast Metal
Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team
Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin
3D Artist/Sculptor: Carlos Cruz
Coloring Artist: Three Eyes Studio
Non-Refundable Deposit: 20%
DISCOUNT: Paying by PayFortor Axes Payment with a secure card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB) will take $45 off shipping costs
SHIPPING: Warehouses in Asia, the USA, and Europe ensure the lowest shipping rates possible

Price is to be announced soon. Collectors interested in purchasing the statue on pre-order day are encouraged to join the wish list to receive an additional reminder. Teresa vs. Priscilla Elite Exclusive Statue is expected to sell out in less than 24 hours.

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!

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