We had a chance to meet Renan Pizii, owner of Iron Studios, recently at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.  We discussed all sorts of things ranging from the collectibles industry and their upcoming products, to space and time travel!  We hope you enjoy this chance to get to know Renan Pizzi.

Ranan Pizii – Owner, Iron Studios
Photo from ObaOba.com.br

Aryton Senna Statue Produced with Kotobukiya

Bmutha: Tell us about the making of Iron Studios…when did the company come together and what made you want to enter into the collectible market?

It was started in 2013, we did Ayrton Senna the racing driver with Kotobukiya, the license was ours and the production was made by them. After that I saw a opportunity in the market for other licenses requested through some stores inside Brazil market, so this made me create the Iron Studios company

Bmutha: What about the name “Iron Studios”…is there any special meaning behind it?  How did you come up with the name?

Iron has the strength that any company should be.  So that is why iron Studios

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn # 1 Cover

Bmutha: Most collectors have been collecting their entire lives.  Were you a collector as a kid, and if so, tell us about some of your favourite items/memories.

Me too, I started to collect Mcfarlane Toys at 9 years old, I think he changed the game from toys to collectibles…this make me create a huge expectation for the future and of course made me a collector as well.  Was great to meet Todd last year, I told him about my history and he was very happy and surprised that his company motivated me so much

Bmutha: Tell us about where you are from…what is one thing most people don’t know about your home city?

I`m from Brazil.  I think no one knows but most of the pop culture movies always have Brazil on the top 5 of the list… so our country is very welcoming to the pop culture market.

Yoda will be the next Star Wars 1/4 statue from Iron Studios.

Bmutha: Star Wars has been a successful line for you so far (Vader – Statue of the Year 2017)…how do you plan to follow up Darth Vader in the Legacy Replica line?

Official photos of Yoda is coming out soon, we are just waiting the final approval from LucasFilms and them we will start the PO.  What I can say is we did an extremely nice  job at this piece.  Of course, besides Yoda, the base has important features as well…many, many details. Is a very unique statue, I think the fans are gonna love it!

Iron Studios 1/4 Scale Punisher

Bmutha: In the Marvel line, you have Punisher releasing very soon, can you share how the production of Punisher is progressing?

Yes, we have 75% of the production done right now. We never release the production by waves, always everything come out together, so what I can say is, production will be finished very soon.

Daredevil wins…obviously

Bmutha: Of course, one can’t talk Punisher without talking Daredevil…rumour has it you are developing your own Man Without Fear.  Can you give us any tidbits about the piece? 

Classic for sure.  The idea is to make Daredevil and Punisher look great together.  Daredevil will probably will be displayed for the first time at SDCC 2019.

Iron Studios Hulk at SDCC

Bmutha: Hulk 1/4 scale made his debut at SDCC.  It was an early prototype, can you share some of the changes/additions you are planning for him?

Yes, many, especially paint job, that was just a first paint that we did for the show. Unfortunately we didn’t had chance to finish it on time (for SDCC).  The idea was to have Hulk in real ¼ scale, so we did it, but don’t worry Hulk is a work in progress item.  Next time that you see it, he will be very different from what we showed at SDCC.

Iron Studios 1/6 Lobo Diorama

Bmutha: On the DC front, you debuted the Main Man, Lobo.  This piece looked incredible, with many intricate details.  Were there any specific challenges with such a complex design?

When Ivan Reis did the concept we knew it was a masterpiece. The idea, movement and of course the details are phenomenal.  The details took a long time to be produced through our internal team but the real challenge was engineering. Thank God we solved everything before SDCC, so what you saw at the show was a final piece, after molded.

Bmutha: Still speaking of DC, you’ve done 1/10, 1/6, and 1/3 scale pieces.  Any plans to break into the 1/4 DC market segment?  Are there plans to continue the 1/3 scale lineup after the trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman)?

Due contract reasons our big scale is 1/3, we cannot do ¼ at this moment.  We had plans to do Darkseid 1/3 but talking to the licensor they helped us to find another opportunity from a character that we never saw in a big scale.  So we are doing it right now and you will probably going to see at CCXP in December.

Iron Studios Avengers Infinity War 1/10 Scale BDS Series

Bmutha: Iron Studios seems to have something for everyone.  Not only do you produce the high end 1/3 and 1/4 scale pieces, but with your 1/10 Art Scale line, you can cater the collectors that either don’t want to or cannot collect the larger expensive pieces.  Thus far, this line seems to give you freedom to tackle some of the B and C list characters, like Hawkman, Kilowog, Ghost Rider etc.  Now you are starting to add more thematic bases, such as with the Infinity War line.

Can you share your vision for this line’s future?  Will you continue to add more complex, themed bases?  Do you plan to continue tackling the lesser known characters that have been ignored in the hobby to this point?

Yes, this is our vision!  1/10 is a small scale but so much can be done with it.  Our next huge set will be X-Men vs Sentinel.  We have been planning this since 2017, and I think it will be a dream comes true for all X-Men fans (like myself).

X-Men vs Sentinel Random Artwork

Bmutha: What has been the biggest unexpected challenge of the collectible industry for you so far?

So many, I think the biggest one was to prove to the licensors that a Brazilian company could do something important to the collectible business all over the world, not just to Brazilian market. Fortunately we had the opportunity to show them and its been great! So just to be clear, contracts was always a challenge for us and something that I chase for many years until I get it

Bmutha: If you could travel to anywhere in the world for one day, where would you go and why?

Not in planet earth but my dream one day ( if I could do it ) is to go outside the earth, to the stratosphere,  do one of the Virgin trip that they are planning to the future

Bmutha: Pretend you have one night to yourself where you don’t have to worry about work/family/kids whatever…I know, unlikely, but pretend :)…what do you do?

Work probably, ha ha, I cant stop thinking about it even for 1 minute.

Bmutha: If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Give kindness to every heart on the planet earth. This could solve so many issues on earth.

Bmutha: If you could travel in time to see one thing in history, what would it be?  (Me, I’d have to see what dinosaurs really looked like, lol)

Yes, Dinosaurs period for sure.

Jurassic Park is awesome

Bmutha: Favourite movie of all time?  How many times have you seen it?

Jurassic Park, not because is just a great movie but because if change a lot my mind, I watched so many times when I was a kid that I still know at least 90% of the phrases of all actors in the movie

Bmutha: What are your hobbies/interests outside of the collectible arena?  Sports?  Music?  Movies?

Racing, I was a racing driver from 15 to 21 years old,I had to stop for many reasons but today I have my own Kart just for do some training, to have some fun…  so I try to go training in my Kart at least once per month

Iron Studios Batman 1/3 Scale Statue

Bmutha: Who is your favourite pop culture character and why (is it the story, the artwork…what has drawn you to this character)?

When I was a kid Batman was the number one.  I really enjoy the first Batman movie.  I was 5 years old, but I loved it and watched many many times.  Nowadays, Iron Man is the favorite one.

We hope you enjoyed this ‘Get to Know’ interview!  Stay tuned for more in this series, featuring superstars from the collectibles hobby.  Oh, and in case you missed our booth tour with Renan at SDCC 2018, check it out below:

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