Maximum Carnage!

When sociopathic serial killer, Cletus Kasady bonded with the offspring of the Venom symbiote, he transformed into Carnage! This deranged duo has since become one of the quintessential villains of 90’s Marvel. Being equipped with many of the same abilities as his parent, plus the ability to effortlessly form bladed weapons of any shape and size, and adding in the fact that he’s crazy, makes Carnage one of the deadliest villains in the Marvel Universe!

Queen Studios 1/1 scale Carnage Life-Size Bust brings to life the symbiote with razor sharp tentacles slithering around his face – moments before an attack. The monster’s eyes are bone white, his mouth is wide open, and his tongue is whipping out, ready to catch his next victim. The bust stands at 75cm tall and is modeled from a variant cover of issue no.5 of the superb Marvel series Absolute Carnage.  Carnage will make the perfect companion piece for Queen Studios’ incredible Venom bust!

This Queen Studios 1/1 scale Carnage life-size bust is carefully created from polystone and painted to near perfection to capture Carnage’s unique crimson color. The base of this bust marks a new direction compared to Queen Studios’ other life-size busts, as it has been uniquely designed from the new Artist Series, just like Venom. Queen Studios’ artists have merged the symbiote body into the base, giving the effect of the base being consumed by Carnage, just like the character in the comics. Finally, Carnage’s name has been written on the front of the base with the same style as the cover of the Marvel series, Absolute Carnage.

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