Bmutha’s Mega 2020 Giveaway!

We don’t always do giveaways, but when we do, we make them EPIC!

2020 has been a down year for so many people and this is our chance to bring some joy to fellow collectors…after all, who doesn’t like FREE STUFF?

Bmutha Reviews offers content from a all across the collecting landscape, and we want to offer something for everyone…that’s why we have EIGHT different prizes!!

You can enter as many of the competitions you want, but take note that there will be one unique winner for each prize (so, you can only win once)! The prizes will be drawn in the order shown below. So, in order to keep things a surprise for the winners until the next live stream, the winner of Prize 1, for example, cannot win the other prizes, and so on.

This giveaway is open to enter from noon (mountain time) November 29th until midnight (mountain time) December 13th, 2020…so, don’t miss out, ENTER NOW! Winners will be announced on an episode of Bmutha Live following the completion of the entry period!

Each competition has three ways to enter, for a maximum of three entries per person. You can enter by visiting the YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram page on the individual entry forms below. Although it is not required, we ask that you consider following or subscribing one of our channels during this entry period…we definitely appreciate all of your support!

But, that’s not all! YOU have the chance to increase the prize values!

For every 50 new subscribers to the Bmutha Reviews or Shelf Space YouTube channels during the entry period, we’ll be adding another $5 to each gift card amount (to a maximum of $150 each)! So, tell your friends and let’s push these prizes to the limit!


Canadian based company, PureArts, has been steadily making a name for themselves over the past few years. Had your eye on some of those amazing Assassin’s Creed Animus statues? Or maybe some CyberPunk 2077…Ghost Recon? Terminator? Now is your chance to pick one up with a discount of (at least) $75 USD!

Note: Some PureArts products are subject to licensing restrictions.

2020 PureArts Gift Card


Always wanted to dress up as Batman for your trip to the grocery store? Well, now you can! You can win the exact Armored Batman jacket shown in the review above, made by Canadian pop culture fashion house, Luca Designs!

This jacket is a size Large, so be sure to check the sizing on the Luca Designs site! Remember you want this jacket to be fitted so that you can properly show off that armor!

Or, if you think this jacket won’t fit you or you’re just not into Batman, we will substitute a $50 gift card that you can use to spend on anything at Luca Designs!

Armored Batman Jacket from Luca Designs


Royal Selangor have been making incredibly intricate pewter collectibles for the last few years, like the Magneto in the above review. Seeing is believing with these pieces, and after getting that Magneto in hand, I am now a believer! These are amazing pieces to add to your collector room, your living room, the office…a touch of class anywhere!

RS Figures specializes in these high end collectibles, and now is your chance to win a gift card for a nice discount (of at least $75 USD)!

Note: RS Figures currently only ships to USA and Canada.

RS Figures Gift Card!


We all remember this iconic scene from Endgame, where Natasha valiantly sacrifices herself for the soul stone! Now is your chance to put a piece of the epic film on your shelves with the Endgame Black Widow Art Scale 1/10 Statue from Iron Studios…NO SOULS REQUIRED!

Endgame Black Widow Art Scale from Iron Studios!


Radical Collectibles specializes in providing high end collectibles from XM Studios! The winner of this prize will receive a discount of (at least) $75 USD on their next order with Radical Collectibles!

Note: Some XM Studios products are subject to licensing restrictions.

Radical Collectibles Gift Card


Hand Made Object (HMO) has specialized in providing high-end, intricate, and innovative statues for several years…each piece from them builds upon their industry defining inventions (like RealEYEZ and RealSKINZ) and receives the full attention of co-founder, Mufizal before shipping out! This prize is for a gift code usable on HMO’s website, but the amount is a MYSTERY until the competition is ended! But, let’s just say this will be worth your while! How exciting!

HMO Mystery Gift Card!


We know Figurama Collectors has built up a loyal following of Figuramians all over the globe! Here is your chance to grab some Figurama Geld usable on your next purchase from Figurama (make sure to snap it up quick, though…their statues sell out FAST!).

Note: The winner must have a Figurama account to add the Geld to!

Figurama Geld!


This is the BIG ONE…literally! You can win the Netero vs Meruem Elite Fandom Statue from Figurama Collectors…the exact same one shown in the review video above! This statue set a (soon to be broken) record for fastest sellout for a Figurama statue, selling all 1,200 units in just a few hours!

This ‘true 1/6 scale’ diorama features this epic battle from the Hunter x Hunter anime that had epic consequences! This piece will truly be a marvel in your collection!

Note: Unfortunately, due to insane shipping costs to overseas, this competition is only open to residents of Canada or continental USA…sorry!

Figurama Netero vs Meruem Elite Fandom Statue

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for this giveaway HERE.

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