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Hot on the heels of Figurama Collector’s sellout of their Kaneki vs Yamori diorama comes another Tokyo Ghoul announcement!  This time, it’s Touka and Tsukiyama!!  Here is the official release from Figurama, and a little teaser image to whet your appetite:

Prepare yourself for another juicy bite of Tokyo Ghoul!
In direct response to our Figuramians feedback, this time we’re immortalizing the battle betweenTouka and Tsukiyama in the midnight solitude of the church, based on Episode 6. A completely unique entry in the Elite Fandom series, it will make history as the first Figurama Collectors diorama to feature a female character and more gracefulapproach through its artistry, including lithe and aesthetic figures, elegant combat, and an eye-tracking-based design.
There’s no doubt that one of the most passionate fanbases in the Figurama Collectors Hub is Tokyo Ghoul (after all, this is the same fandom that inspired the 3rd “sinister expression” for our Kanekivs Yamori diorama!). We want you to know that we’ve heard *every* *single* comment, vote, and reply regarding your interest in this series, its dynamic characters, and who you would like to see immortalized in Figurama’s signature diorama style.Our upcoming Touka vs Tsukiyama statue is our tribute to your incredible dedication—both to Figurama and to this smash-hit series—as well as an open door to creating multiple dioramas based on the same series!
And if you were hoping to see a different character’s name in this announcement, know this: we’re not done yet… and we’re still listening!

Need more Ghoul in your life?  Check out the complete 14 book box set and the Season 1 and Season 2 Root A bluray’s (you can us our Amazon links by clicking the images below):

Tokyo Ghoul Box Set

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