New Seven Deadly Sins Video!

Grab your headphones, dim the lights, and prepare to experience the battle between Ban and King like you’ve never seen it before! Witness the LED effects, alternative portraits, and up-close details in this mesmerizing showcase.

Note: The statue portraits and statue base portrayed in this video are not the final version. You can view the updated version on the product page of our website here.

World’s First Licensed Resin Depicting Ban AND King – No other polystone statues of this fight exist.
Several Easter Eggs – One of our most Easter Egg-heavy pieces ever created, hidden all over the statue.
Beautiful LED Effects – The chalice of the Fountain of Youth serves as the statue’s base, illuminating the battle above in gorgeous LED lighting.
6 Unique Display Options – 2 portraits/left arms for Ban and 2 portraits for King!
Limited Edition – Only 777 pieces ever created worldwide!

Collectors interested in the statue are encouraged to join the wish list on the Figurama Collectors website. By doing so, they will receive additional reminders about the statue leading up to pre-order day on November 23rd at 11:00pm JST.

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