Gentle Giant: April Pre-Orders

Some awesome new things coming from Gentle Giant in their latest newsletter.  Here are their latest items up for order: Venom Animated Statue The 17th, yes, 17th entry into the Marvel Animated line is Venom!  Very cool concept here that fits with the tone of the other pieces.  I recently received the Daredevil animated statue, […]

Sideshow: Daredevil Pre-Order

Sideshow’s new Daredevil Premium Format Figure is up for pre-order now! Here is what you need to know: Expected Release: Jan 2019 – Mar 2019 Product Size: 21″ H x 16″ W x 12″ L Product Weight: 15 lbs. Artists: Ian MacDonald (Design) Alex Pascenko (Design) Walter O’Neal (Design) John Staub (Design) Andrew Huerta (Design) […]

XM Studios: Storm Reveal

XM Studios has revealed their latest member of the X-Men, and it’s none other than Gold team leader, Storm! Conjuring up a whirlwind with her mutant weather control powers, Storm comes with two distinct display options.  One stern and fierce, and one is fun loving. This piece goes up for pre-order April 4th, and will […]

News: Happy Collecting Day

We’re in!  Positivity in the hobby should be embraced by everyone.  This is a hobby that should bring enjoyment regardless of which brands, characters, licenses you like to collect.  November 3 and 4th…we will mark that in our calendar, and maybe even arrange something special for the day.


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