Pre-Order Made in Abyss Now!

Pre-orders are now open for Figurama Collectors‘ latest Elite Diorama statue, featuring Riko and Reg from Made in Abyss!

This highly detailed diorama represents an newly added style for Figurama, who have tyically produced more “hardcore” characters in the past (Devilman vs Amon, Attack on Titan, Alucard of Hellsing etc.). It’s great to see Figurama flex their muscles and expand their horizons with this new statue! With only 500 pieces being made worldwide, this statue is sure to sell out quick (especially with Figurama’s 1-day sell out track record)!

Be sure to get yours HERE before its too late!

Use the code BmuthaAbyss for $15 off at checkout!

The World’s First (and only!) Made in Abyss Statue – No other polystone statues from the series exist!

It is one of Figurama Collectors Lower Edition Sizes – Only 500 pieces ever made!

SPECIAL STORE EXCLUSIVE – HD Wallpaper –Order from the Figurama Collectors store to receive a free HD wallpaper for your desktop and mobile device based on the statue’s official art!

Our most Detailed World-Building Statue yet! – Made in Abyss Elite Diorama has the most advanced terrain details and effects of any other polystone released to date.

Our First 2-Person Statue that’s not a Versus – Made in Abyss sets a record as our first 2-person statue where the characters are working together rather than fighting one another.

Most LED features of any Figurama Collectors Statue – The lush world-building of Made in Abyss comes alive with well-placed LED effects that enhance the piece even further!

Get $45 off Shipping when you Pay with AXES or PayFort –Purchase from the Figurama Collectors website to receive this special shipping discount.

Local Warehouse Shipping Saves Money – Warehouses in Asia, the USA ,and Europe ensure the lowest shipping rates possible without the need to pay TAXES or VAT.

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