Pure Arts: Animus Bayek Statue

“Sleep? I never sleep. I just wait. In the shadows. And I will kill you all. Everyone who sniffed the air that day in Siwa. “

Bayek of Siwa, 48 BCE.

Nearly a month after presenting you the Animus Altair, Pure Arts is coming back with a new Assassin’s Creed Statue! This time discover Bayek of Siwa’s, founder of the Hidden Ones. Represented with the animus effect for the very first time on a 1/4 scale (27″) polyresin statue, you will be amazed by the high-quality details and realism.

You can recognize his loyal companion, Senu, flying above him. This Eagle, who can view the world from its own perspective, protects its master with the ability of the Eagle Vision.

Feel the power of this impressive duo and let this unique statue guide yourself in the mystery of Ancient Egypt.

Catch our interview with Pure Arts at SDCC in 4K!

Product Details:
-Dimensions 27″ H x 20″ W x 19″ D
-Material: Polyresin
-Includes LED light up feature for animus
-Available only in North and South America
-Price : 688 USD

Pre-order this limited edition only at www.purearts.com

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