Pure Arts: Daytoner M9E Kickstarter

PureArts present the Kickstarter collaboration between the artist, DayToner and the collectible lover and creator, PureArts.

DayToner, Daniel Hahn, is known for his unique and creative robotic characters. His style blends 3D models, 2D paintings, and photographs, making his work truly stand out!

PureArts have created this fundraising so that everyone can take part in this amazing art collaboration, with aspirations of bringing the character design, MASTER 9 EYES (M9E) to life!

His opponents usually underestimate him due to his chunky appearance … but he always has a better stance. There are rumours about the ninth eye. Some say it’s his MK II combat sensor, others say it’s instinct. Whatever it is, his opponents usually find out about it the hard way!

From February 4 until March 9, 2020, you can choose your reward to support this project! Stay tuned for more information regarding the Kickstarter campaign! For now, check out the two separate versions of the M9E statue below!

Master 9 Eyes 1/6 Resin + 1 Postcard Set

• Early Bird Price: $349
• Regular price: $359
• Estimated delivery: June-July 2020
• Product Dimensions: 35.320.329 CM
• Weight: 3,5 kg
• Material: Polyresin

Master 9 Eyes Vinyl 1/12 + 1 Postcard Set

• Early Bird Price: $59
• Regular price: $69
• Estimated delivery: August-September 2020
• Product Dimensions: About 15 cm tall
• Weight: TBC
• Material: Vinyl+ABS

Enter to win your own copy of this unique piece…you could win one 1/6 scale resin M9E statue by entering the following contest HERE!

PureArts is one of the leading creators of premium quality collectible statues for the video game and movie industries, working with famous, renown brands and has been for over 10 years.

Created by Canadian artist Hugues Martel in 2008, the studio got offices in China and since the beginning of 2019, in Montreal, Canada. The main values of PureArts revolve around art, creativity, talent, and passion for collectibles and statue making. Our highly detailed pieces will amaze every collector.

Check out Pure Arts’ social media channels:
You can purchase Pure Arts products here: www.purearts.com

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