Pure Arts Kickstarter is Live

The epic collaboration between renowned digital artist, Daytoner, and Canadian-based collectible manufacturer, PureArts is real…and it’s spectacular! The Kickstarter campaign is now live…and already over 50% funded!

This character design was initially drafted and 3D sculpted by the immensely talented artist, Daytoner. Then, it was brought to life into a real Art Toy by PureArts! Master 9 Eyes (or M9E for short) is the perfect mix between the expression of a badass character combined with designed shapes and surfaces. His internal robotics are hinted at by his see-through arms and legs, and his unique overall look is completed by his huge puffed jacket. His appearance is made even more stylish by the deadly katana-storing backpack (seriously, who doesn’t want one of those?).

To help fund this epic chunky guy, Pure Arts have launched a Kickstarter, ending on March 9th, 2020. Check out all of the info about this epic collaboration in our original preview, HERE.

PHNTM P4ND4 Edition

As goals are reached during the campaign, more and more secret items and bonuses will be revealed…at the 25% mark, the alternate black and white version, known as the PHNTM P4ND4 has been unlocked! Check out the gallery for this awesome new version below.

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