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Pure Arts is proud to introduce this brand new Cyberpunk of the Night City! V, the main playable male character from the upcoming game, is masterfully produced here as a premium quality, finely crafted action figure…fully posable, so you can customize your display any way you want!

All of V’s attitude is brought to light in this articulated figure…literally, as there are hidden LED’s in his jacket and shoes!

This figure is packed with a dizzying amount o features and accessories, allowing you to fully customize your display:

• 1/6 scale fully articulated body of V male,
• Hand-painted head sculpt with detailed skin texture and Kiroshi Optics,
• Custom tailored clothing,
• Leather jacket with blue lights in the collar,
• Black cotton t-shirt,
• High-top black textile sneakers with orange lights on the outsole,
• Militech – M-10AF Lexington,
• Constitutional arms – M2067 Defender,
• (1) Left arm articulated Mantis blade,
• (1) Right hand holding the Militech – M-10AF Lexington,
• (1) Right fist,
• (2) Hands holding the Constitutional arms – M2067 Defender.

The pre-order for this hotly anticipated figure will open on March 20th on purearts.com. Order before March 31st and receive a 10% discount! If that’s not enough, the first 150 orders will receive an exclusive Cyberpunk 2077…stay tuned for more info on what it is!

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