PureArts Eivor Pre-Order Open!

PureArts proudly presents the latest addition to the Animus Collection, the new ¼ scale Eivor statue!

This beautifully crafted premium statue showcases a detailed sculpt of Eivor, the fierce and battle-hardened Viking raider who leads a clan of Norsemen to England, in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. With one foot on a fallen enemy’s helmet, Eivor stands before a totem of Odin with axes at the ready for battle and glory!

Key product features:
• Licensed by Ubisoft
Scale: 1/4
Material: Polyresin
Estimated Delivery: December 2020
Availability: North & South America
Price: 749 USD

Exclusive features:
• Switch heads from male to female
• Hidden Blade visible on Eivor’s forearm
• Fully-detailed sculpt
• Life-like head sculpt carefully crafted by PureArts artists
• LED system integrated into blue transparent polyresin

SPECIAL BONUS: Order directly from PureArts.com and get the ultimate Assassin’s Creed experience with the exclusive dice set inspired by Eivor’s Animus!

Get yours HERE!

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