Queen Studios Balrog!


Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring

We all know the epic scene from the Fellowship of the Ring, the intense showdown between the fiery demon, the Balrog, and the famous wizard, Gandalf. Now Queen Studios is giving you the chance to own the ultimate replica of the ultimate monster from the Lord of the Rings!


When the dwarves of the ancient famed city of Moria became obsessed with mining mithril, their greed eventually led them to dangerous depths…eventually disturbing an ancient evil, the Balrog! Once awakened, nothing could stand in it’s way, and the Balrog laid waste to the dwarven kingdom and it’s king, Durin IV. Since that fiery, fateful day, the mighty Balrog is known as, Durin’s Bane!


This limited edition collectible bust by Queen Studios captures the Balrog as we saw him on the big screen in Peter Jackson’s cinematic adaptation of Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring (2001). The Queen Studios team have studied the Balrog closely, expertly capturing the hulking monster’s fiery eyes, demonic horns and gigantic fangs.

The highly limited Polda Edition is a massive collectible, a fitting tribute to the monstrosity that is the Balrog. It’s a daring collectible – definitely not for the faint of heart – that can be either wall mounted or placed on a fiery base (sold separately).

If you don’t have the space for an over 5-foot tall bust, fear not – the Cinta Edition is more modest in size, but loses none of the impressive details. Either one you choose, you’re going to get the ultimate Lord of the Rings collectible!


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