Queen Studios Life Size Iron Man!

Queen Studios has very quickly catapulted themselves to the forefront of the collectibles industry by featuring statues with incredible likeness and attention to detail. Today they launched the fan-favorite Iron Man Mark 7 suit…in LIFE SIZE!


Tony Stark is years ahead of any scientist or engineer, the MARK 7 is the first time we saw what Stark was capable of, no more training wheels, these suits have to be the beast of the best. Tony Stark’s seventh iteration of the Iron Man armor is an example of Stark’s curiosity into experimentation of the Iron Man mark series. The most memorable function is the suit’s ability to be deployed remotely. Once deployed it can find its wearer and form itself around its pilot in mid-air.


Queen Studios’ Iron Man Mark 7 1:1 scale statue stands at 210cm. The suit follows the same color scheme as the first Avengers’ movie, rocket-car red, gold with various silver panels. The MK 7 is of a ridged design. This is due to Stark’s utilization of modular paneling, unfortunately he has not yet developed the nanotechnology we see in the later MCU movies. Queen Studios’ MK 7 includes LEDs in the suit’s chest reactor, eyes, and base, allowing them to glow.  The pose for this statue is also taken from the first Avengers movie. Just after Iron Man lands on the streets of New York after he suits up.


This statue and base are crafted from polystone resin. And all parts which resemble metal are coated with a textured paint which gives them a metallic finish. The base is modeled after the plinth Iron Man lands on at Stark Tower moments before he suits up in the Mark 7 in the first Avengers movie. It is round and the inner edge of the plinth glows, lighting the suit from the legs upward. Finally, on the front of the base is a plaque labelled with the first Avengers movie logo.

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