Record Sellout for Figurama!

Made in Abyss is a hidden gem of the anime world—a series that defies the boundaries of genre. Even so, today Made in Abyss has defined all odds by smashing through our previous sellout record of 4 hours and 30 minutes.

All 500 pieces have been unearthed and carried back to the surface in LESS THAN 1 HOUR!

When we set out on our expedition to create the world’s first Made in Abyss statue, we knew it would be a journey unlike any we’d embarked on so far. Not only would we be creating an entirely new type of collectible for this unique anime, but we’d also be designing our very first co-op statue based heavily on world-building and centered on children characters. However, like the call of the Abyss itself, we felt irresistibly drawn to the challenge this statue presented to us.

Through the Riko and Reg Elite Diorama Statue, we hoped to convey the same feeling we experience while watching the anime—the awe and longing that seizes us, the desire to know more, and the miracle that we are alive to experience it. Since revealing the Made in Abyss statue at Wonder Festival, many of you have been directly inspired to pick up the anime so you can experience this harsh and beautiful world for yourselves. To know that our art moved you in this way is the ultimate treasure.

According to Made in Abyss, true secrets and treasures are hidden deep within people, and Figuramians around the world have shared so much of their inner treasure with us. Every step on this creative journey, we’ve been met with the encouraging words of passing travelers.Longtime fans and new adventurers alike provided constructive feedback, shared our progress updates, and even flew all the way to Japan to see us unveil the prototype in person. You trusted us to do justice to this unique anime series and have supported us with your time, energy, and words—the greatest treasures of all.

Thank you for taking this journey into the Abyss alongside us as we set new standards for our art. Thank you for helping us make the world’s first Made in Abyss statue a resounding and record-breaking success. To the 7thLayer we go!

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!

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