Review Archive: Darth Vader by Iron Studios

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Retail Price: $650 USD
Edition Size: 1,000
Released: October 2017
Approx. Size: H 23″ x W 14” x D 15″
– Light up feature in the belt and base,
– Light up feature in chest panel (with the original movie light sequence),
– Light up lightsaber,
– Posable cape and robe,
– Includes (2) alternate right arms and (4) alternate left arms
Design Team:
Tiago Rios (Sculpt),
The Iron Studios Design and Development Team

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  1. Out of all of the statues that you have done a review for, this one is my #1 pick. My other one would have been the Prime 1 Studio DKR Batman statue, but I chose the Darth Vader Iron Studios statue because the DKR Batman statue had Batman’s costume damaged, while the Darth Vader statue had Vader’s armor in near pristine condition.

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