Review Archive: G1 Transformers by Prime 1 Studio

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Retail Price: $999 USD
Edition Size: 750 EX, 1,500 REG
Released: July 2017
Approx. Size: H 24″ x W 14.5″ x D 12.5″
– Three swap out right hands (regular axe, energon axe, gun),
– Light up feature


Retail Price: $969 USD
Edition Size: 500 EX, 1,000 REG
Released: March 2017
Approx. Size: H 24″ x W 14.5″ x D 12.5″
– Two swap out right hands (regular hand or spiked flail),
– Two swap out left hands (regular hand or sword),
– Light up feature


Josh Nizzi (Design)
Berto Sousa (Sculpt)
Max Eing (Sculpt

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  1. Can you add photo galleries for both Optimus Prime and Megatron? I have always wanted too see high-resolution images of these figures.

  2. Have you gotten all of your videos back online? I am more excited to see a photo gallery for these statues than I am for either Sideshow Collectibles’ Lex Luthor statue, Iron Studios’ Darth Vader statue, Prime 1 Studio’s DKR Batman statue, and XM Studios’ Cable statue, but I would also still love to see photo galleries for those, regardless.

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