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Retail Price: $990 SGD
Edition Size: 999
Released: November 2016
Approx. Size: H 25.5″ x W 21” x D 14″
Approx. Weight: 25 lb.
– Five swap out heads (Regular Cowl, Samurai Cowl, Demon mask, Unmasked, Rage Mode),
– Three left hands (batarang, sword, empty),
– Three right hands (grapnel gun, sword, empty),
– Two chest plates (black symbol or red symbol),
– Two sets of shoulder plates (normal or samurai),
– Art print by Studio HIVE
Design Team:
Suheryanto Hatmaja (Sculpt),
Ben Ang (Creative Producer),
Bryan Tan (Executive Producer),
Seng Ang (Creative Director),
Skan Srisuwan (Concept),
Mufizal (Art Director, HMO),
Soefara (Art Director, HMO),
Studio HIVE (Concept),
The XM Studios Design and Development Team

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