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HMO’s follow-up to Ren in their original Bounties of Bathos statue line is the menacing, mechanical Crow King!

This warlord walks the Bathos worldscape in a monstrous exoskeleton that allows him to teleport and lay waste to his enemies. Known as the “Crow” King because only the eyes of the crows, who are feasting on the dead bodies in his wake, are there to lay eyes on him when a battle has ended. This is not a man you want to mess with!

The Crow King is the leader of the Sons of Conner, the elite strike force of the Queen. He is feared throughout the Bathos galaxy, and to know him is to know death. Even though his background is largely a mystery, this is not someone who operates from the shadows, as he is more than willing to get a little blood on his hands.

Let’s get into the customary countdown of the top 3 things about this amazing collectible from HMO.


Retail Price: $799 USD
Edition Size: 175
Released: January 2019
Approx. Size: H 26″ x W 16” x D 13″
Approx. Weight: 22 lb
Design Team:
Mufizal Mokhtar (Sculpt)
Kobe Sek (Design)
Silva Brothers (Design)
Ario Anindito (Design)
Kevin Venkiah (Paint)
& the HMO Design and Development Team


As mentioned above, Bounties of Bathos is an original creation from HMO…and sometimes, that originality is a real breath of fresh air for collectors. No need to worry about whether the costume matches the comics or if the portrait resembles the actor. Crow King simply is what he is…feast your eyes upon him and enjoy!


Originality, though, can sometimes be a double edged sword in this hobby. Let’s face it, many of us collect based on those nostalgic feeling from our youth, which puts something with almost no history behind it like Crow King, at a bit of a disadvantage. That’s why the size and overall displayability of this statue play a huge role in its success. Make no mistake, this is a large piece that demands attention, but at the same time, it occupies a reasonable footprint and can fit easily onto most display shelves. HMO carefully considers that collectors are constantly fighting for display space, so making a statue that can slide right without much fuss in is a huge bonus!


Bounties of Bathos is a passion project for HMO. Their team of artists put countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears into bringing this character to life. the digital model by Mufizal consisted of over 200 individually sculpted pieces, which were carefully combined for printing and again for moulding and production.

The detail and thought put into this statue is astounding. The sheer complexity of the design almost makes your head hurt when you think about the production process for a project like this. The mere fact that it is now sitting on our shelf is a testament to the commitment and passion of the entire HMO team. Their love of art oozes from this statue, and you can’t help but be inspired by their enthusiasm for their craft when you look at it. And, that enthusiasm is our most favorite thing about the piece.


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