Review: Domino by Sideshow


Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

This amazing statue is still currently in stock at Sideshow…you can help support our site by using the banner below to get your own (or anything else that Sideshow has to offer)!

RETAIL PRICE: $585 USD Exclusive, $570 USD Collector Edition
EDITION SIZE: 1,000 Exclusive 2,000 Collector Edition
November 2019
SIZE & WEIGHT: Approx. H 19.5″ x W 10.5″ x D 10.5″, Approx. 11 lb.
SHIPPING BOX: Approx. 24″ x 17″ x 15″, Approx. 17 lb.

– Fantastic design suits character to a tee!
– Two excellent portraits that each offer a completely different look and feel,
– Great portrait with sharp, angular features,
– Crisp, clean paint job,
– Parts fit together with no fitment issues,
– Seated pose is unique for a female statue.

– Base does not fit with any of the others in the current X-Men line
(but, who cares, it’s awesome!)

Aaron McNaught (Sculpt)
Igor Catto (Sculpt)
Steve Schumacher (Sculpt)
Guillermo Barbiero (Sculpt)
Adam Smith (Mold and Cast)
Kat Sapene (Paint)
Casey Love (Paint)
Richard Luong (Design)
The Sideshow Collectibles Design & Development Team

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