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1/4 Scale Legacy Replica
Iron Studios

Retail Price: $699.99 USD
Edition Size: 1,000
Released: December 2018
Approx. Size: H 27.25” x W 10” x D 10.5”
Approx. Weight: 17 lb
Design Team:
Renan Pizii (Concept)
Daniel Siqueroli (Concept)
Tiago Rios (Concept & Sculpt)

– Two portraits: Modern & Jim Lee style
– Two right hand options: Sniper Rifle or Mac 10
– Three left hand options: Weapon bag, Mac 10, or empty hand
– Removable silencer for Mac 10
– Magnetic base for die cast bullet shells.

In the video, we count down our three favourite things about this Punisher statue, but in case your work blocks YouTube, we’ll lay it out for you here as well, 😉

Number 3

In the early going of this statue’s release, there was a bit of an outcry from some collectors about the use of “rubber hands”. We get it. People that by this piece don’t want an action figure, they want a statue. But, when you consider why Iron Studios used these flexible materials and the overall results, we can honestly say it is one our favourite things about the piece.

First off, the guns and hands are separate pieces. This fact is important for two reasons (well, three if you factor in reduced risk of breakage):

1. You don’t get that excess material along the joints that make it look like the weapon is welded to the hand, and,

2. You get a very realistic, lifelike grip on the gun.

We do note that the empty left hand is not flexible, so don’t try to bend those fingers!

Similar to the hands, most of the straps and holsters are also made of a durable, flexible material. Again, this allows for a very lifelike appearance because all of the straps are made of thin material and are not cast as part of the body…so it looks like he is actually wearing them! Also, we must say that this material holds the sculpted detail very well, as the texturing and stitching came through brilliantly.

In the end, Iron Studios carefully chose these material to create this lifelike appearance, and we are glad they did.

Number 2

Staying with the topic of realism, the texturing and overall level of detail throughout the statue is incredible. The leather pants, gloves and boots, the texturing on the shirt, the stitching, clasps, buckles, weapons, holsters…and our favourite, the duffel bag…all have an incredible attention to detail. The sculpting team, featuring Tiago Rios, did an incredible job. We hope the photo gallery below helps to give you a sense of the artistry here, but in the end, this could be a statue you need to see with your own eyes.

Number 1

By far, our favourite element of this statue is the overall style that Iron Studios chose. Now, we understand that this comes down to personal taste, but we prefer a more athletic looking build for the character. This statue has great proportions, giving the muscular superhero physique (he is still really jacked up!) without a totally unrealistic level of muscle mass. This guy looks like he could have been a special ops soldier, but still would have no problem getting down and dirty in hand to hand combat.

The modern portrait with the slicked back hair is “the Punisher” we’ve been waiting for. He looks like a normal human (not a steroid junkie), but definitely NOT someone you want to mess with. Iron Studios is developing new materials for their portraits to increase the level of detail and realism. Their work in this department is noticeable here. The facial details, the wrinkles and ruggedness come through clear as day. In addition, the skin tones are some of the best in recent memory…incredibly lifelike, and the lip colouring stands out especially well.

In the end, we are extremely pleased with this statue, and feel it checks all the right boxes to stick in the collection:

Great style, great portrait, amazing details, great quality and innovation, and easy to display.

If you were considering this piece and were waiting to see how it turned out, or you were a little apprehensive based on the initial early feedback, we say definitely give this one a shot, as it is currently one of the very best Punisher statues on the market.


Watch the unboxing in 4K!


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