Review: Moon Knight by XM Studios

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The final review for 2018, and it is another stellar piece sculpted by Caleb Nefzen! XM Studios is showing some love to a character that sorely deserves it, Moon Knight! This character is very under-recognized in the Marvel universe, so it is great to finally see a licensed statue get made…but, does this piece do this underrated character justice?


Retail Price: $990 SGD
Edition Size: 270
Released: November 2018
Approx. Size: H 18” x W 17” x D 19”
Approx. Weight: 19 lb
Design Team:
Caleb Nefzen (Sculpt)
Studio HIVE (Design)
XM Studios Design & Development Team

Watch the unboxing in 4K!


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  1. Thanks for the review.

    This statue is among the best ever created by XM. Mine is coming, and after viewing your photos and watching the video, my expectations have only increased.

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