Review: Samus Varia Suit by First 4 Figures

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The very first review of a First 4 Figures statue for the channel is Samus Varia Suit. This 1/4 scale statue is based on the Metroid Prime 2 game for Gamecube, but the Varia suit is the iconic look for Samus, and could represent any game in the series. This statue was a long time coming (almost a 3 year wait), so…was it worth waiting for?


Manufactured by: First 4 Figures
Retail Price: $489.99 USD
Released: April 2019
Approx. Size: 20.5″ T x 17″ W x 13″ D
Approx. Weight: 10 lb.
Edition Size: 2,100 EX, 2,000 REG
Design Team:
Salvador Felix
Kaushik Manna
The First 4 Figures Design & Development Team


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