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After an epic unboxing experience, the full review is here! Just as they did a year ago (with Devilman vs Amon), Figurama Collectors again come out swinging with their first release in 2019. Vash the Stampede, a 1/4 scale statue, is part of Figurama’s Elite Exclusive line…is the statue worthy of a 60 billion double dollar bounty, though? Watch the review above (and don’t forget to sub the channel) to find out (if you’re at work and can’t watch the video, the top 3 favourites about this statue are also conveniently written out for you below…Bmutha always looking out for you!).


Retail Price: $755 USD
Edition Size: 400
Released: May 2019
Approx. Size: H 23″ x W 27” x D 26″
Approx. Weight: 40 lb.
– Removable glasses,
– Trigun 20th anniversary medallion.
Design Team:
David Giraud (Sculpt),
Jarold Sng (Design),
Three Eyes Studio (Paint),
The Figurama Collectors Development Team


Immediately upon unboxing this statue, the paint job really stood out as exceptional. The base has a reflective orange glow painted around all of the gunshot explosions, the leather on his boots and left arm have just the right amount of wear, the semi-clear resin used for the explosions are a beautiful shade of orange (my favourite colour, so perhaps I am biased here), and his hair has a dark to light gradient of yellow from root to tip. His signature red trench coat is what steals the show, however. Beautiful shade of deep, rich red that gradually transitions to an orange at the tips of the coat tails. The bullet holes throughout the coat are slightly blackened around the edges, another meticulous detail of this wonderful paint job. This statue will really stand out from the crowd due to the vibrant colours used throughout.


With this hobby becoming more expensive by the day, it is very important for collectors to feel they get their money’ worth. Fortunately, there is no doubt that collectors will be pleased with the production value on Figurama’s Vash the Stampede.

A well thought out packaging arrangement helps to ensure this marvelously engineered, 32 piece statue arrives to your door undamaged. Beware, the box is BIG and HEAVY, though…you may want to grab a friend to help you move it around. For being made up of so many pieces, remarkably the many potential seams are very well hidden, and will not be an issue when this statue is fully assembled. The parts all fit together smoothly and are held firmly in place with magnets or metal rods. The statue itself is very heavy, so make sure that you place it on a sturdy shelf.

I really love Vash’s signature round glasses. His specs are a separate piece, so you have the choice of taking them on and off his face. Making them separate like this really adds an element of life to the piece…he really is wearing the glasses, they are not physically cast as part of his face. Truly a sight to behold!

This statue simply oozes quality on all fronts. As a bonus for collectors, you will receive a very nice art print, a hand-signed (by Mr. Shanab, Figurama CEO) and numbered certificate of authenticity, and a very nice, cast metal medallion celebrating the 20th anniversary of the anime. Figurama is really making a name for themselves with each new release, and their name will soon be synonymous with high-quality (if it is not already).


I freely admit that I am not a lifelong anime fan. Anime is something that I was kind of forced to acknowledge because of Statue Awards the genre’s increasing presence in the statue-collecting hobby. The more I research, the more that anime and manga are growing on me, and I truly am becoming a fan. However, where I am from, “cartoons” are typically for kids…many anime series, though…let’s say they can get a little dark! Trigun and Vash, though…they are FUN! And, it’s this whimsical charm that I really love about the piece.

This statue has so much going on around it…explosions, bouncing bullets, crumbling concrete…all while Vash is perilously balancing with one leg high in the air and somehow skillfully firing off three shots of his own. And, not to mention the wry smirk on his face…Vash is having fun, too! Also, who could forget little Kuroneko-sama (Mr. Black Cat), who randomly appears in every episode of Trigun, perched on the base near Vash’s right foot. This statue really captures the general high-energy and lightheartedness of the show and its main character.

Another important aspect of this statue’s style is a skillful blend of the anime style with the high-detail and realism typically reserved for comic and movie based statues. Veteran sculptor, David Giraud, added realistic textures all over Vash’s outfit, and added many details such as the buckles and clasps on his cybernetic left arm. Running Statue Awards has made it clear to me that anime and comic fans do not always see eye to eye; however, I believe this is a statue that can be equally appreciated by both camps. Figurama really hit the nail on the head with this design.

Adding this statue to my collection and putting this review together has really been a pleasure. I first saw an early production sample of the statue at Wonder Festival (Winter) 2018, and I believe Figurama has significantly improved the statue since that time.

The paint job will immediately grab your attention, with rich colours and attention to detail (glow effect around explosions and singed fabric around the bullet holes in his coat tails). The overall production quality and presentation of the statue are top of the line…collectors will feel satisfied with their purchase, no doubt. And, a unique style that blends realism and anime along with a FUN design, will help this statue become a centerpiece in anyone’s collection. Vash the Stampede is a remarkable achievement by the Figurama Collectors team, and their hard work makes this statue very easy to recommend.


The statue comes disassembled in 32 pieces, so it takes some time to unbox it and put it together. The unboxing video below will give you a good idea of what is in store for you when the box is delivered to your door.

Watch the unboxing in 4K!


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