Seven Deadly Sins Teaser!

Figurama Collectors proudly announces a dynamic statue depicting the brief, but memorable encounter between immortal thief, Ban and Fairy “King” Harlequin from Seven Deadly Sins Season 1! Here are the dates you won’t want to miss:

FULL REVEAL –November 10th at 11:00pm JST
PRE-ORDER OPENS –November 23rd at 11:00pm JST

You can join the wish list right now to get an extra reminder on the pre-order day! Collectors excited for more are encouraged to join the Figurama Collectors Hub Facebook Group, where we’ll be kicking off the “Search for the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge”! You’ll unlock giveaways, teasers, statue announcements, and more by searching for each of the seven members. Keep on collecting.


**UPDATE: Check out this FULL COLOUR teaser!**

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