Silent Hill Pre-Order Info!

The mists of Silent Hill have descended upon the gaming collector community with the commencement of the Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing vs James Sunderland Elite Exclusive statue pre-order at 11PM JST (9AM EST) on February 11th!

Unlock the horrors of Silent Hill!
Pre-order your copy HERE
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The team at Figurama Collectors believes that collectors of every niche deserve to have a statue that brings their favourite characters to life. They approached the responsibility of representing the legendary James Sunderland, Red Pyramid Thing, and monster characters of Silent Hill with the invaluable eye of true fans. Discover an exciting rendition of the iconic clash between James Sunderland and Red Pyramid Thing, highlighted by essential details that inspire memories of a much-loved mystery.

Get more details and images in our preview HERE!

Multiple swappables enhance display possibilities, including a choice between Great Knife or Great Spear, and an option to convert from versus to solo style piece by replacing James with the TV set from the game! At the foot of the action sits the notorious Louise box, and specific references like a gas canister and the “dog key”. The base is a fearsome display of three different Silent Hill 2 enemies, including Abstract Daddy, Flesh Lips, and Lying Figure! Preorder the Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing vs James Sunderland Elite Exclusive Statue, made by gamers, for gamers!

Please note that the Figurama Collectors team has made recent changes to the payment portal available on their site: Paypal has been replaced by Stripe as an option alongside Axes and Payfort. Due to this update, the refund policy has been reduced to 45 days.

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