Silicone Statues?

What is silicone?

Silicone, not to be confused with the element silicon (Si), is a man-made polymer that has incredible properties and an extremely wide range of uses. Known for its high resistance to heat, moisture, and UV, silicone is used across many industries as a lubricant, adhesive, sealant, coating, insulator etc. It’s almost a guarantee that there is something made of silicone in your house right now.

Silicone is a popular material for mold-making, and for this reason has been used in the collectible statue industry for quite some time. However, it wasn’t until recently that silicone has been used on the actual statue itself! Since it is relatively new, many collectors have wondered about why it is used and how durable a silicone statue in their collection will be.

The answer to why it is used is easy…just browse through the Queen Studios website to see some of the hyper-realistic busts…these unbelievably realistic collectibles are like having the actor right on your shelves!

How durable will these collectibles be in the long-term? Well, that question is more difficult to answer since it is still so new, but there are some steps you can take to maintain your statues and prolong their life.

How do you take care of silicone?

Keeping the silicone away from UV light is the most important factor when taking care of these products. Although silicone itself is UV resistant, pigments in the silicone can become distorted by UV rays which can result in fading. So, best to keep things out of direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Otherwise, store them at room temperatures. There isn’t much more you need to do to lengthen their longevity, since that mostly hinges on the grade of material used for the product.

Queen Studios has been at the forefront of integrating silicone into their collectibles since the companies’ inception in 2018. The medical-grade silicone Queen Studios uses has excellent electrical and chemical stability, it is non-toxic and odourless, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and can be stored at room temperature for over 25 years (the actual storage time is mainly affected by the product storage environment).

How Do Queen Studios Keep it Hyper-Real?

Queen Studios’ artists use a special silicone to form life-like skin and capture the character’s likeness. All of Queen Studios’ hyper-realistic collectibles use the highest quality silicone. The excellent fluidity and an elongation of the material maximizes the look and movement of individual characters. At the same time, after vulcanization (a specialized chemical process that uses heat to help increase the durability), the silicone replicates the softness of human skin, subsequently bringing fans the most authentic experience!

Queen Studios has quickly been building a reputable profile within the movie and comic collectible industry. They specialize in making realistic statues and busts from Marvel and DC characters and also has worked with other studios such as Hasbro and 20th Century Fox. Queen Studios is the first collectibles company licensed by Marvel and DC to create hyper-real silicone busts.

The photos of their products are pretty convincing, but I had the chance to check out the Terminator life-size bust for myself at NYCC 2019. Check out the footage here:

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